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What is JumpCloud?

An open directory platform called JumpCloud offers frictionless, safe access to any resource from any device, anywhere. JumpCloud’s mission is to Make Work Happen by offering convenient, secure access to corporate IT resources from any computer or location.

It is a zero-trust directory platform that offers server access, device management, cloud LDAP, cloud RADIUS, single sign-on, and other capabilities. JumpCloud intends to offer an all-encompassing IAM solution for enterprises moving toward the cloud, whether you need to manage on-premises devices or cloud-based apps.

The most affordable Jumpcloud price is provided by F60 Host. Jumpcloud exclusively makes use of cloud storage. Additionally, we provide Simple Jumpcloud sso pricing to companies of all sizes.

Jumpcloud directory as a service (DaaS), which completely changes how IT managers manage their businesses.

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What is Google Workspace?

A collection of Google’s cloud computing, productivity, and collaboration tools, software, and solutions is known as Google Workspace (formerly known as Google Apps and later G Suite). Communication tools include Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Meet, and Chat. Employee engagement tools include Currents and Drive, while content production tools include the Google Docs suite.


The leading provider of Google Workspace and Cloud directory services in India is F60 host. Cloud Directory revolutionises how IT administrators conduct business by providing a comprehensive and flexible cloud directory platform. cloud-based MDM, MFA, PAM, Google Workspace pricing, and additional features Website Blacklist Users are unable to access a URL that has been blacklisted. Users will instead see a red page warning them that the website contains malware. Visit f60host.com for more information about URL Blacklist.

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What is Cloud directory

Cloud directory is becoming more prevalent as cloud computing usage in IT continues to grows.

However, some of these could surprise you. IT administrators are confused and want to know what a cloud directory is and how it varies from the conventional directory service or on-premises identity provider (IdP) they are used to.

The on-demand, pay-as-you-go distribution of IT resources through the Internet is Cloud computing service. You may use technology services to get access to resources like processing power, storage, and databases rather of purchasing, owning, and maintaining actual data centres and servers.


Cloud services are now accessible to meet practically every IT need. F60 hosts a cloud service in collaboration with Jumpcloud. Jumpcloud pricing is the cheapest with F60 Host for Cloud Directory Services, which is 100% cloud-based.

Directory services that are secure.

Device management that is unified.

SSO security and user lifecycle management

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