Junior KG Books by VBH Publisher

Ensured Early Schooling master from the lofty Harvard College, She has Hand-created the special 21st century kindergarten program “Cheerful Toddlers’ keeping the formative necessities and age-suitability of the kids. Cheerful Toddlers is one of the most sought after Kindergarten educational plan by tip top teachers across. This drive has contacted the existences of in excess of 2,00,000 kids across India.


As a teacher and a solid supporter of government assistance of youngsters in the country she is likewise directing nurturing studios across India and Qatar.


She firmly accepts that blissful youngsters can be raised exclusively through cheerful guardians, so she’s spreading the specialty of nurturing through studios, workshops, video conferencing, month to month video magazines (this is intended for ladies in the country regions through a NGO), through television shows in television and in Radio’s. Such a long ways more than 30000 guardians (across India north of 10 years) have profited from these meetings.

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