Junk Hauling Tips for Your Office Relocation


The process of moving an office can be incredibly stressful. After all, relocating not only involves packing up dozens of personal items and company possessions but also requires figuring out how to get rid of everything you’re leaving behind. Fortunately, there are ways to make the junk hauling process less painful and more stress-free when you’re relocating your office. Here are five tips from junk removal Minneapolis professionals for stress-free junk hauling when you’re relocating your office.

Do an Inventory

Take stock of what you have and what you’re getting rid of. The odds are good that if your office is moving to a new space, at least some things can be salvaged or reused. A little bit of online research can help you determine whether your items can be donated to charity or repurposed in some other way.

Know What You Can Recycle

Be sure to check your local regulations. Regulations differ across states and cities, but many no longer allow businesses to dispose of items in landfills. Make sure you understand what can be recycled and what needs to go in a landfill before you start throwing things away.

De-Clutter Before You Begin

If you can, schedule a few hours to go through your items before packing. Moving everything at once to get it out of your life forever is a sign of more clutter later, especially if you’re not careful about what you bring into your new space. If possible, separate out items that belong in various rooms of your new office from those that should be donated or hauled away.

Label Junk

Don’t pack away your junk before you’ve labeled it. It’s easy to get distracted or find yourself taking a break and never returning to your packing session. Not only is it hard to remember where everything is, but boxes that are full of unmarked items can be a chore to move from one home to another. Label them as soon as you have them packed!

Work With a Professional Junk Removal MN Service

One of the best ways to reduce stress during the junk removal and hauling process is to let someone professional handle it. You can’t just dump office waste anywhere to avoid the cost and inconvenience of proper waste disposal as its illegal. In fact, unauthorized dumping is a misdemeanor, and anyone who is convicted of illegal dumping is subject to criminal and civil penalties and revocation of business licenses. So, working with someone who disposes of the commercial waste legally and responsibly is your best bet.

Hiring a junk removal service is the most effective way to accomplish this. Junk removal Minneapolis MN services are professional grade, licensed and insured and relatively affordable when compared to a full-service moving company. It’s easy to find junk haulers in your area; just search online or ask around. Make sure to request a quote before you book, so you know exactly what you’ll be paying.

As you see, junk hauling during office relocation doesn’t have to be difficult. Plan ahead, know what junk you need to be removed, and communicate with your junk hauler.

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