Just One of Those Mornings? How to Kick Your Brain Into Gear

rsWe all have those mornings. You know the ones where gravity won’t let your eyes stay open, your back hurts, and nothing wants to go your way? Mondays are a typical culprit. You might show up to work every day ready to kick some serious butt, but today, it just isn’t happening.

So, what do you do besides complain and procrastinate your way through the day? Here are a few ideas to shift into the next gear and power through.

Coffee First

First things first, nothing gets done before coffee. Yeah, you can say that you want to cut back on your caffeine, but we all know that’s probably not going to happen. While you certainly don’t want to overdo it, if you had a long night and feel a little groggy, it might be because you haven’t funneled enough of that sweet (or bitter) bean juice into you. Whether you’re a latte lover or you like your coffee black and bold, get your morning boost before you start the day and see if that doesn’t perk you up. Bonus points if you have a sassy or funny coffee mug to drink from!

Find Fun and Joy in Small Ways Throughout the Day

It’s easy to get used to the mundane of working the same job and doing the same tasks every day. Try to find little moments of fun and joy in your everyday tasks. Whether that means decorating your desk with photos and colorful desk sets or finding time for a few harmless jokes at the office, insert joy when you can.

Besides that, don’t think of work as “work” and rather an opportunity to show off your skills. Take everything one step at a time and break down the big goals into easy five to ten-minute tasks. Next thing you know it’ll be lunch already!

You’re a Rockstar and Don’t You Forget It

You didn’t get where you are by accident. You have skills that someone is willing to give you money to perform. Remember that when you’re feeling down or having a rough morning. You deserve to be where you are because you work hard. Some days it can be hard to stay positive, which is why you might get into a funk. That’s totally okay! Take a sec to remind yourself of why you are here in the first place.

Maybe reminding yourself about your talents means breaking out the cute stationery and writing yourself a note. Do whatever you have to do to make you actually believe it and go from there.

Brush It Off and Try Again Tomorrow

If worst comes to worst and you can’t shake the funk, there’s always tomorrow. No matter how long it might seem, you really only have to plow through a few more hours, and then you’ll be back at home. Brush it off and don’t let it get to you. Just make sure you hit the hay earlier tonight, and you’ll be ready to make up for it in the morning!

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