Justice League Trailer: Every Easter Egg In Snyder’s Knightmare Scene

Justice League is a very famous superhero film in Hollywood. It is based on DC comics and directed by Zack Snyder. It was released in the year 2017. This film is a follow-up to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the trailer of the Justice League Snyder cut, a short Knightmare scene is shown included with Easter eggs.

Here we will discuss every Easter egg in Snyder’s Knightmare scene.

The Hall Of Justice Arch

In the Snyder cut’s Knightmare scene, a huge arch can be seen with “Justice League” inscribed upon it. According to the comic books, it is the League’s traditional base of operations. In most of the cases in the history of DC Entertainment Universe, the “Hall of Justice” has been depicted by arch-shaped buildings, and in some of the cases, the “Hall of Justice” has written in the front just like the broken arch in this Knightmare shot.

Omega Symbol

After the Hall of Justice arch, an Omega symbol has also been revealed. It is burned into the open landscape in front of the destroyed Gotham City. In the trailer of the Snyder Cut, the similar Omega symbol can be seen on the Darkseid’s chest. The fans of DC comics are already aware of this Omega symbol and its significance. Darkseid used to absorb the ancient power of Omega, and it resulted in making him a more powerful villain. Darkseid wanted dominance in Justice League by burning the Omega symbol into the planet Earth.

The Joker Playing Card

The Joker Playing Card is also one of the Easter eggs in the Knightmare scene of Snyder. It can be compared to Jared Leto’s character of Joker as seen in the film, Suicide Squad, which was released in the year 2016. According to the original Batman V Superman Knightmare sequence, one of these cards was tied with the machine gun of the Batman. It may be possible that the card shown in Snyder’s cut is similar to that of Batman’s Gun. The primary feature of the Joker Card is the ability to deliver the replaced villains or any other worst thing in the dark future.

A Portrait Of Thomas Wayne

Another Easter egg in the Knightmare of Justice League is the portrait of Thomas Wayne who is the father of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Thomas Wayne was introduced in the film, Batman V Superman. However, there is still no confirmation of this Easter egg to get a future role as Batman’s father.

Aquaman’s Trident

The Trident belonged to the Aquaman, which was a fallen piece of rubble in front of the Justice League arch. According to the presence of this Easter egg, it can be concluded that when the villain Darkseid attacked the Earth in this timeline, Aquaman might be involved in the battle against Darkseid. According to the film Aquaman, which was released in the year 2018, it is an Atlantic Trident.

Wonder Woman’s Shield

The discarded shield of Wonder Woman is another Easter egg in the Knightmare of Snyder. It also indicates the battle between Darkseid and other superheroes after the death of Diana Prince and the image of her broken shield lying in the wreck of Justice League HeadQuarter.

Bruce Wayne’s Lake House

Bruce Wayne’s lake house was constructed near Wayne Manor. When Bruce became an adult, he decided to move out of Wayne Manor and started living with his family in the luxurious Wayne’s lake house. As we move past the destroyed Justice League arch, a small cliff can be seen on the right side, which could be the former site of Bruce Wayne’s lake house. It is another Easter egg in the Knightmare of Snyder.

As we have discussed all the Easter eggs in Snyder’s Knightmare scene, we have concluded that most of the scenes could be depicted in the film and some of the uncertain scenes like the appearance of Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne is still a mystery and only Justice League – Zack Synder’s cut can solve this.

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