Kansas Plastic Surgery

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The therapy reduces the size of the breast tissue using a liposuction, excision strategy, or a combination of both. Aftercare Just after the surgery, individuals may perhaps knowledge some short term side effects such as a swollen or painful abdomen and difficulty sitting or lying comfortably. Process This process minimizes the abdominal area by removing excess fat and skin. Aftercare Individuals could have to wear a compression garment, assistance bra as they heal.

When slender women with slightly drooping breasts seek enlargement surgery, surgeons often use this combined approach combined strategy. In the first 2 to 3 days following breast augmentation surgery you will be sore, tired, and possibly groggy. It is most likely that ordinary tasks will be hard for a couple of days. For these reasons you need to make sure that you have a caregiver to assist with things like meal preparation, household chores, etc.

We are capable to provide private spaces for in-depth exams, private consultations, and minor remedies that are safely and successfully administered in our medspa location. Have you ever wished that you could see what your results would look like before surgery? At your seek the advice of, we will produce an electronic 3D model of your breast and torso. The Crisalix Imaging Program nose job recovery blog is revolutionary software program that enables Dr. Pittman to “virtually” spot implants in the 3D model, permitting you to “try on” a wide variety of implants. The software can also simulate a breast lift, reduction, or enhancement with fat transfer. His care is matched only by his expertise as 1 of Australia’s top body contouring surgeons.

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