Kaspersky: Parents were concerned about these four effects of violent and addictive video games on children

Parents are raising children who are digital natives, children who are born exposed to digital devices and the Internet. As children are trapped at home and inevitably spend more time playing video games during the pandemic, cybersecurity company Kaspersky has found that many parents are concerned about the negative impact games can have on their children.


Since parents now have to juggle work and parenting at the same time, everything is fine, but moderation and guidance are absolutely necessary.

There is an undeniable harm in playing too many video games for children, but there is also a lot of research showing how online games can benefit children. Parents who are completely new to video games may be tempted to prevent their children from playing the game altogether. However, Kaspersky has found that prohibition is not the healthiest solution.


Kaspersky shared some of its findings on general parental concerns about video games, as well as some suggestions on how parents can better manage their children’s gaming habits.


Rather than prohibiting children from playing, the cybersecurity company suggests that parents talk to their children to establish ground rules suitable for them. This may include discussing when they can play, for how long, and what types of games are allowed. Additionally, parents can rely on software version restrictions, such as buy cheap Kaspersky Safe Kids, a parental control application for PC, Mac, and mobile devices, or enable parental controls in the internal device settings for their computer or console. games.


Kaspersky offers a free three-month trial of its Kaspersky Safe Kids solution in case you need a tool to keep your children safe while on the Internet. You can also check the official Kaspersky store at Lazada and Shopee for other Internet security solutions.


That said, Kaspersky said that having a good chair and table at the right height and distance from the monitor can help encourage better sitting postures. For mobile gamers, parents should remind their child to place the phone at eye level so they don’t have to tilt their head forward to see the screen. That way, they would immediately correct their posture and relieve any pressure or tension on their neck.


Sometimes the temptation to download the latest game leads kids to download a pirated copy of a title they are looking for. However, many of these illegal copies of popular games downloaded from unofficial sources often contain hidden viruses and malware.

To counter this, parents should install antivirus software on the family computer or mobile device that their child uses frequently. This not only prevents the download of files with viruses, but also helps remove malware. It would also be a good idea for parents to talk to their children about what malware is, the harm it can cause, and only download games from legitimate websites or online stores.


To prevent children from starting games that are not suitable for their age, parents can use parental controls on a game console. With the parental controls on the PS4, parents can, for example, set game time limits, set monthly spending limits for new games, and restrict communication with other players.


Kaspersky concludes that parents do not need to prohibit their children from playing video games. To keep your child safe, cybersecurity experts leave six points to parents to help them gain more control over this area of ​​their children’s lives.


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