Kebab – Aussie’s Favourite Food


Australian cuisine is a diverse menu with a range of wide varieties of meat. From beef to fish and everything in-between, delicacies in Australia are endless. Aussies have embraced foods from different cuisine around the world just like they have welcomed different cultures. Out of all the delicacies available, some of them are too special such as doner kebab meat. Yes, kebabs!

Can the sight of grilling and the aroma of freshly prepared meat be ignored? Every bite of kebab is heaven! From the main streets of big cities to the smallest country towns to freeway truck-stops, kebabs are the most ordered food by Aussies. They’re so ubiquitous, and evidently part of the Australian cuisine.

So, What are These Kebabs and Why are They Popular?

Doner kebabs are a type of meat dish that originated in Turkey. It’s usually made with shaved meat which is cut into chunks and seasoned with some aromatic spices before being skewered and grilled. Some even like to add vegetable chunks to their kebabs, such as peppers, onions, squash, and mushrooms. In addition, it’s possible to find kebabs made with long strips of meat by grinding meat, found in a cylindrical shape around a skewer, and slow roasting.

While the lamb is one of the most common meats used in kebab, it’s also cooked with beef, chicken, veal, and other types of meat. It’s served in pitta bread with some salads, chips, and smothered in a delicious sauce, including mint yogurt, chilli, and garlic mayonnaise.

The best part is the meat is marinated to infuse the flavours into the meat so that it gives a nice texture, aroma, and make the dish more delicious. In addition the meat is grilled in the right temperature to get perfect kebabs that can be gobbled at any point of time.

After partying the night out, the one thing most people enjoy in Australia is Doner kebabs from the nearest late-night takeaway, especially at the weekend. However, many non-drinkers too love the kebabs on weekends or as frequently as the main meal. It’s affordable compared to most dishes due to the seamless cooking process and easy to consume when commuting to work or running errands. Just like pizza, kebabs have become the go-to food for many around the world. In fact, there are road-side trucks that operate only at night and offer delicious kebabs for people who love to explore the city at night.

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