Kedarkantha – The Most Majestic Peak in Uttarakhand

Kedarkantha is a beautiful mountain peak located in Uttarakhand, India. It is the most renowned peak in Uttarakhand and among the most popular mountains for tourists around the world. The spectacular snow-capped mountain rises up from the plains of Garhwal region. Kedarkantha trek is famous for its majestic views and breath-taking scenery that includes dense forests of pine, oak, rhododendron and bamboo trees as well as alpine meadows. The evergreen forests make up a lush green background to captivating panoramic views of the surrounding peaks. There are several trekking trails that lead to this pretty destination, making it easy for you to take your adventure on this beautiful mountain trip with your family or friends.

With its near-vertical shape, it’s best known for its height of 12,500 feet and breath-taking views. This mountain is revered by the locals as a sacred place and has been used as a landmark by travellers for, centuries. It’s also a popular destination for climbers looking to conquer one of the world’s most difficult peaks. The views are impressive enough on their own; however, what makes this mountain really worth seeing is how different it looks depending on where you stand.

The world comes together in the heart of the Himalayas to reach at the top of Kedarkantha trek, also known as the land of Shiva. The Kedarkantha trek is a challenging and strenuous climb that takes 4-5 days to reach the summit. However, if you are a beginner, do not worry as the trek is designed in a way which is also welcoming for new beginners.

The best time to visit Kedarkantha is during autumn (September-November), when there is no rain and temperatures are cool. However, it’s also great during spring (March-May) when flowers are in bloom and temperatures are pleasantly warm. For experienced hikers who want to go for an expedition or for those who would like a challenge, winter (December-February) can be rewarding with manageable snow on the trail.

It’s a time to connect with nature and take in the beauty of dawn as you explore the untouched natural beauty that peace spurs you to explore. When you book yourself a Kedarkantha trip package, you’ll be able to see the sun rise over the mountains, watch the start of the day from the top of a mountain, and experience the trekking experience with head torches lighting the way and watching the sunrise from the top of a mountain. Immerse yourself in this sacred landscape on a pilgrimage to one of the most treasured mountains in India.

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