Keep Animals Safe with the Best Pet Care Products

A recent survey found that approximately 40% of the US population owns pets. The most popular pet—and this may surprise any crazy cat ladies and gentlemen out there—are dogs. This is not too surprising: Dogs are very loyal, affectionate creatures. When their owner is happy, they are usually happy too.


Dogs make wonderful companions for humans. As such, their owners want to do everything they can to keep them safe and healthy. Happily, many recent products make this easy to do. For example, owners can now find first aid lotion for dogs, which can heal cracks or blisters on their paws. It can also moisturize their noses when they get dry and repair any cuts and scrapes which they might get from running and playing. Consequently, first aid lotion can help prevent harmful skin infections in dogs.

Pet care companies have come up with mosquito repellent for dogs as well. Some manufacturers have even managed to create repellents with all-natural ingredients. Owners can spray them onto their pets’ fur or skin and not worry about poisoning their furry friends with chemicals.

Dogs are not the only animals who can benefit from first aid products. The idea of chicken first aid might sound silly to city dwellers, but it can be a very real thing for people who live on a farm or ranch. Those who fall in the latter category can use homeopathic salves that can help heal scratches and bites.

When owners can keep their animals healthy, it can improve their own well-being too. Pet ownership has been found to have social, psychological and physiological benefits for humans. It can help people cope with anxiety and depression and enhance their quality of life. Taking dogs for walks or playing with them is a simple, easy way for owners to stay physically active. First aid products for animals help both pets and the people who love them lead fuller, happier lives.

Green Goo’s homeopathic products give pet owners a safe way of treating their animal’s wounds. They are 100% organic and made from natural ingredients like olive oil, rosemary and lavender. Green Goo does not use any aluminum or petroleum in its products, which helps ensure that they are completely safe for pets.

About Green Goo

In addition to high-quality animal care products, Green Goo sells 100% natural, organic and hand-crafted skin and personal care products for humans including natural deodorant, soaps, salves, baby products and much more. Green Goo is a women-owned and family-operated business which has remained true to its roots while experiencing extraordinary growth.

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