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Paying your taxes to the government is crucial for the development of the country. Numerous governmental projects that are meant to provide a good life and advanced facilities to the citizens utilize the tax money. Therefore, if you want the development of the country and in turn your personal development, you must pay your taxes on time. The Australian government also promotes its citizens to pay their taxes on time. For the same, they have set up the Australian Taxation Office that formulates the guidelines for tax payments. If you live and work in Australia, you must abide by these guidelines. The taxation office provides a simple BAS bookkeeping guide on their website.

The guide is meant to help you maintain your Business Activity Statement (BAS). In this guide you will find information about the following:

· Taxable sales

· Input-taxed sales

· GST free sales

· Purchases with no GST in prices or no GST credits can be claimed

· Purchase with GST in price

· Purchases both GST free and taxable

· Items not mentioned in BAS for GST purposes

The guide provided by the taxation office provides the above-mentioned guidelines. Although you can refer to this guide for keeping your BAS up to date, it can be difficult to understand it due to the complex legal language.

If you are a business owner who is not well-versed with such complicated legal language, a small misinterpretation can lead you into bigger problems. And we are sure you certainly wouldn’t want that. Then how will you make sure that your BAS is maintained and up to date? The answer is simple. You must hire a professional accounting and bookkeeping service company such as Aone Account & Bookkeeping.

Aone Account & Bookkeeping is amongst the leading cloud bookkeeping companies and they are well-versed with all the tax guidelines and clauses provided by the Australian Taxation Office. Based in Mulgrave, NSW, the company understands the intricacies of maintaining your books for a smooth business. The company provides several other services apart from BAS and ATO bookkeeping such as bank reconciliation, PayG, payroll services, end of year accounting services, and more. Aone Account & Bookkeeping maintains a team of professionals who are experienced in helping businesses maintain proper accounts and records. So, contact Aone Account & Bookkeeping for efficient and advanced services.

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Aone Account & Bookkeeping is a leading cloud bookkeeping company that provides several services such as ATO bookkeeping, STP Payroll and more.

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