How to Keep Your Official Data Safe from hackers?

Cybercrime has been increased so much that your business and the data are not safe even when you have kept the data in a secured manner. It is essential for a big or small business to protect themselves from cyber threats.

There is always something about headlines related to data security and risks. There could be someone you know who have faced big data loss or have become a victim of viruses attack or otherwise you must have heard about its consequences. In other cases, it is also possible that you are among those who have been a victim of such a problem. If you have not faced or heard of this critical problem, you are indeed among that 47 % of lucky people. According to an online resource, 53% of start-up or small business that experienced cyber attacks and visited cybersecurity breaches in the previous years.

If you are starting up a new business or have a well-established business, it is crucial to start or to maintain the protection. In this article, you will explore all the minor requirements and steps to keep your official data safe from hackers.


Protective Measures to keep your Official data Safe:

Only 36% of small businesses that have legitimate policies that cover cybersecurity and rest are highly prone to suffer data loss of official credentials. To step ahead to safeguard your data follow the directions below:

Passwords and Locks:

Prior to any other thing, you lock all the files, folders, and accounts that have sensitive data of your business. While you set a password, keep in mind that it should be strong and unique for each account or folder. A strong password should be a mix of the following mentioned below:

  • A combination of upper and lower case alphabets: SSjdoAv
  • Add numbers and symbols: 130@4*1
  • Should be of minimum 8 characters. It is recommended to create a password of 12 characters

Another crucial means of protection is to keep your password confidential and not share it with anyone. You can place your business at a good and safe place by doing these:

  • Restricting on the number of people who have the access to your computer or device
  • Restricting what kind of information viewers fee and find to edit
  • Altering the default password while creating an account
  • Changing account passwords in a duration of 3 to 4 months
  • Safeguard your data by setting the passwords different for different accounts
  • Do not keep a hard copy of credential data

Technical check

  • Sometimes, cybercriminals are not stopped or affected by strong passwords. Therefore, it is important to do a simple check to make sure that your IT security is on a good level.

Updated Software

  • Keep the software or application up-to-date in order to defeat the actions of cybercriminals. It is an important part to do as it improves the optimization power and recovery solutions for any apparent vulnerability.

Firewall and antivirus check

  • Before installing any program or software, make sure to analyze about the product. Keep the firewall security turned on and antivirus software activated.

Backup and recovery options

  • Managing a regular backup means you are enabled to restore your data by creating a backup at any point and this will also limit the loss by helping you to recover it in minimum time. Data recovery options have become crucial, as the attacks of ransomware have been increased.

You can take many other measures such as updating and upgrading software, but mentioned above are the basic yet essential step that every entrepreneur should keep on top to keep the official data safe from hackers.

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