Keep Your Parked Electric Car and Its Battery in Good Condition


Stay at home and, if possible, work from home has impacted many EV owners. What is the method which is best suited to avoid battery damage while the electric car is parked for an extended period of time? The general assistance has not changed much over the years, and it only requires a basic understanding of your vehicle. Internal-combustion and electric vehicles are both designed to be driven on a regular basis, which is why keeping them parked for long periods of time can be problematic. Even if you acquire a Tesla Model Y, you’ll need to keep track of the status of charge of the primary battery pack and recognise that there’s likely a cumbersome 12-volt supplemental battery as well.

Although the battery pack supplies electricity to move the automobile, the 12-volt battery also powers other electrical components such as battery-management systems and telematics. The lithium-ion cells in most modern electric cars’ battery packs don’t like to be held at a full or very low state of charge for long periods of time. If a car is parked for an extended period of time, it is highly likely to become depleted. So, if your car permits for a stipulated charging to a specified level of charge, it’s advisable to set it to around half battery capacity rather than a full recharge and, if your car allows it, limit all charging sessions to an 80 precent ceiling. For long periods of inactivity, some cars may have “sleep” or “transport” modes.

However, while deciding whether or not to keep an electric car plugged in, it’s preferable to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

• Many automakers, including Tesla, advise drivers to keep their vehicles plugged in so that Tesla wall charger can provide power for battery cooling and heating systems. Otherwise, these Tesla car charger systems will have to be powered by the car’s battery pack.

• Nissan, on the other hand, suggests unplugging a Leaf so it can go into “deep sleep” mode. An electric car battery pack can lose as little as a few precent of its overall capacity per month if left disconnected, though this is dependent on a variety of factors, including the power sapping features.

• Jaguar has now tweaked I-predictive Pace’s battery reconditioning technology, which was presumably predicting when we’d be back on the road. It’s preferable to disable such features and to be aware that they exist in the first place.

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