Keeping Your Cat Properly Hydrated

With summer right around the corner, it’s important that you pay attention to your pet’s water consumption. Dehydration in cats can happen. You would want to watch out for signs of dehydration such as low energy levels, appetite loss, dry gums, and skin and sunken eyes, to name a few. More obvious clues include panting and not using their litter box.

Taking your pet to a Kamloops vet for regular check-ups can also help minimize the risks of dehydration. If there are underlying conditions that could trigger loss of appetite, you will be able to plan ahead and provide the right care to your cat.

Monitor how much your cat is drinking and to encourage your pet to hydrate more, here are the things that you need to do:

Use water fountains.

Many cats don’t like to drink stagnant water. If your cat has this habit, you can try switching to water fountains. The fresh supply of water will encourage cats to drink more. You can also put moving toys in the fountain bowl that will pique the interest of your pet.

Ditch the plastic bowl and opt for steel bowls instead.

Studies say that cats usually prefer drinking from steel bowls compared to plastic bowls. That is because plastic bowls tend to absorb smell. With the strong sense of smell of cats, they might be put off when they use the plastic bowl.

Regularly offer wet food.

Many people make the mistake of offering Kibble only to their pets. Kibble isn’t nutritious. It’s better if you choose wet food such as cat tuna. You can also make a homemade broth and add it to the cat food. There are a lot of recipes online that you can follow. That will help you save more money and you can also control the ingredients that will go into your pet’s food.

Consider providing supplements such as Yucca.

Yucca is a natural appetite booster. It actually helps cats who are hard to feed. It also helps increase their thirst levels so your cat will be more compelled to drink.

Don’t miss your pet’s schedule with the vet in Kamloops. Find a good Kamloops vet that will be able to provide your pet with the care and services that you are looking for. And when it comes to reputable clinics, you can take advantage of the facilities of The Cat Hospital of Kamloops.

Keeping your cat comfortable indoors is also important in the summer season. Make sure your home is properly ventilated. When going outside with your pet, you should bring bottled water and a portable water container so that your cat can stay hydrated. The heat outdoors can cause massive loss of fluids.

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