Kerastase Hair Treatments You Need to Try

In today’s age, with so many new options available in the beauty industry, it’s a lot of fun to try new things with our bodies and hair. An excess of trying new things tends to leave hair dry and damaged at times. With the advancement of science and technology, the beauty industry has also seen the effects. Several new kinds of treatments are available for both men and women that give amazing results on your hair. One of them is the Kerastase treatment, which helps restore damaged or dry hair back to its former glory.


Who should try Kerastase treatment?

The Kerastase treatment is ideal for people with dry, damaged hair or hair that has been over-processed by chemicals. Damage can be due to many different factors like excessive color, heat styling, relaxers, and, at times, even damage from UV rays and environmental pollution. Due to these, the hair becomes dull and frizzy. The effects differ between people. The Kerastase treatment helps restore the hair and restore it to its former shine and luster. This treatment is not the same for everybody. The symptoms of hair differ individually, and in the treatment offered, the products are formulated according to individual needs. For example, if your hair is frizzy, rough, anti roos, and prone to breakage, then the products used in your treatment will specifically target those issues.

What happens during a Kerastase treatment?

A Kerastase treatment is not like a colouring or styling session. It takes quite a small amount of time. The products formulated for the individual are applied to the hair while kept in for 5-10 minutes and then rinsed away. This treatment can fit right in with your other hair appointments. After a wash and a blow-dry, immediate effects are noticed in the hair. It will become softer, stronger, and more lustrous. The treatment effects last up to three months on an average of around twenty washes.

Kerastase treatments offer several benefits for your hair. It makes your hair appear denser and more voluminous. Your hair feels softer and richer. There is a reduction in frizz and an increase in moisture. It also protects your hair from future damage from chemicals and heat. People who have already gotten the treatment have reported up to 50% less frizz, breakage, manageability, texture, etc.

Kerastase treatment at home

Kerastase treatments are also possible at home if one doesn’t have the time to go to the salon or just prefers treatments at home. They can also be done when one wants to extend the effects of the treatment already done in the salon. To perform the treatment at home, specific shampoos and conditioners are used. These products are based on your individual needs. For example, if your hair is frizzy, dull, and damaged, some shampoos and conditioners are formulated to treat this combination of issues.

Your stylist can determine the right products for you. They will assess your hair health, your hair care routine, and your main concerns about your hair and then formulate a set of personalized products for you to take home and perform your Kerastase treatment.

Before applying any product to your hair, one must ensure that their hair is freshly cleaned and properly towel dried. After that step is done, one of the concentrates and boosters that the stylist had prescribed should be mixed and used on the hair with the help of a spray nozzle. It must be evenly applied throughout the head. This can be ensured by sectioning the hair into 3-6 sections according to the thickness of the hair. Each section should be completely saturated, and hands should be used to even the mixture across each strand. After the mixture is applied properly across the head, it should be left on the head for around five minutes. After that, it should be thoroughly rinsed with cold water, and it should be made sure no product is left behind in the hair. The results can be felt and seen to happen almost instantly. The hair will feel healthier and softer.

There are a lot of factors that influence how well a home treatment works and how often it should be done. The intensity of the problems, how often the hair is washed, the environment, plans to go on vacation, how well the hair is taken off between treatments, etc.

Kerastase treatment is one of the best solutions for damaged hair and can boost your hair’s health. They are very easy to perform, whether professionally or at home, and give instant results. They are also customized according to every individual’s hair concerns and guarantee positive results. One can go for it without worrying!

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