Keto Dieting? Here Are 10 Foods You Must Have In Your Kitchen

Atkins diet may be used for long in the market but the Keto Reboot diet is more efficient since it has reduced carbs intake. The ketogenic diet is a simple and efficient way of reducing weight. It utilizes high fat and low carbohydrate ingredients to burn fat instead of glucose in the body.

Proper planning of what you are going to eat reduces the chances of eating out in restaurants to avoid carb-rich foods. With the online platform today, you may look into keto diet recipes. You will have a wide variety of recipes to choose from and find your favorite ones and stick to them.

Below Are Some Of The Staples Used In Keto Diet?


  1. Eggs–If you like eggs, then you are lucky to have a great chance of success on this diet. You may use it in omelets, quiches (heavy cream does not hurt), hard-boiled as a snack, low carb pizza crust, etc.
  2. Bacon–Bacon can be used anywhere. Be it breakfast, salad garnish, burger topper, and BLT’s (no bread of course; but BLT in a bowl, tossed in mayo)
  3. Cream cheese– Used in pizza crusts, main dishes, desserts, and many more dozens of recipes.
  4. Shredded cheese– Sprinkle over taco meat in a bowl, salad toppers, and make into tortilla chips in the microwave, enchiladas, and low-carb pizza.
  5. Lots of romaine and spinach–Have plenty of green veggies for an instant salad; in case hunger strikes.
  6. EZ-Sweetz liquid sweetener–This is an artificial sweetener and you can use a couple of drops in place of sugar. It is a natural and easy substitute.
  7. Cauliflower–Whether fresh or frozen you can eat this low-carb veggie by itself. Toss in olive oil and bake or opt to mash in fake potatoes, chop/shred and use in place of rice under main dishes such as in keto pizza crusts, and low-carb.
  8. Frozen chicken tenders–You can choose to thaw quickly and grill, sauté, mix with veggies, and top with garlic sauce in a low carb flatbread. Used in Chicken Alfred, chicken piccata, Indian Butter chicken, tacos, and enchiladas.
  9. Ground beef-Make a burger and top with all sorts of things from sauteed mushrooms, to cheese, to grilled onions… or crumble and cook with taco seasoning. Used in provolone cheese taco shells; accompany with avocado, cheese, lettuce, sour cream for a tortilla-less taco salad
  10. Almonds(plain or flavored) – Almonds are a tasty and healthy snack. However, be sure to count them as you eat, because the carbs Do add up. Their flavors include coconut, salt, vinegar, habanera, and more.

The Keto OS diet plan is not as boring as many of you might think. It is filled with amazing food choices you can choose from to lose weight simply and easily. Refrigerate the above items and keep yourself stocked. With these, you can put together delicious keto snacks and meals in a short notice.

Keto OS diet is a healthy option for those intending to lose weight. For more info on keto diet facts and meal ideas, visit the Healthy Keto website.

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