Key Factors To Know For NBA Double Header

NBA Doubleheader

NBA doubleheader refers to two games that shows back-to-back on the same network and events. Although sometimes they may involve different teams. When the games involve three groups, they are called triple headers. It usually coincides with a league early or late scheduling in North America, which often happens simultaneously.


Let’s get enlightened by fascinating facts about NBA doubleheaders:


In terms of players, Minnesota Timber wolves had the youngest players aged 24 years old, while the Lakers had the most senior team member at 29 years old. In average NBA experience, the Memphis Grizzlies had the lowest average seasons (2.87), with the Lakers having the higher average (7.36).


In 74-year history, NBA doubleheaders have played twice on Christmas Eve. The first time was in 1960, featuring the Celtics and Hawks, while the other in 1967 featured the Warriors and Sonics.


The Chicago Bulls had the tallest players averaging to (6-foot-7.55) height. They also had the highest average size (226.93 pounds), while Thunder had the lowest standing (209.53 pounds). The Boston Celtics were the smallest based on average height, which stood at (6-foot-4.49).


The NBA scoring title of 1977-78 was such a bizarre way of the last regular season. Denver’s David Thompson locked things up by scoring 73 points, but George Gervin got the crown after scoring 63 points.


The most popular jersey worn is No. 3 and 8 worn by (21 players), followed by the most popular ones No.1 (20 players), No. 0 (18 players) Nos. 5 & 11 worn by (17 players), finally the Nos. 4,9,10, & 22 were worn by (16 players).


Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics participated in 10 NBA finals playing in the ’80s. And the three occasions, i.e., 1984, 1985, and 1987, these NBA doubleheaders faced each other, with the Lakers taking the lead.


The three most experienced NBA players include Portland’s Carmelo, LeBron James from the Lakers, and Haslem, all in their 17th season.


An average NBA player has 6-foot-6.39 and weighs 219.02 pounds. He had 4.56 seasons of NBA playing experience and was 26.28 years old. But the last season changed to an average of 6-foot-6.54, the weight of 219.33 pounds, and 26.18 years old. And 4.59 seasons of NBA experience.


Udonis Haslem from Miami was one of the oldest players aged 40. They also had the second-oldest player Andre Iguodala at 37.

Although doubleheaders are more prevalent in baseball, in the 60s, the NBA had two games one night by two teams that would play on a neutral court.


During the 1970 and 1971 season, the NBA developed a three-expansion team’s schedule to boost their success. The group included Cleveland Cavaliers, Buffalo Braves (Los Angeles Clippers), and Portland Trail Blazers, who played 12 times. And it accounted for almost 30% of their game.


In conclusion, a coin got flipped in 1969, March 19th, to decide which team would go first in the NBA Draft. All these are some of the interesting NBA doubleheader factors you need to know.

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