Key Stages in the Development of the Well-known Adobe Corporation

Perhaps today, almost everyone is familiar with the programs of the legendary corporation Adobe. But not everyone knows how the flagship of the software industry got its start. In this post we will try to tell you about the long and arduous path of Adobe. Up-to-date information about cheap Adobe All Apps Plan you can read here.

The company’s debut product was PostScript. At that time the firm was still engaged in the development of printers. At the beginning of the firm came in Jobs, who advised programmers to focus more on the release of new software. In addition, it was Apple and became a customer of programs from Adobe, also buying a share directly in the project. Soon after this event the company gained fame and was able to earn a truly great money. The well-known product Illustrator was created in the Adobe labs around the same time. When Illustrator above, it became a truly high-profile event in the industry.

It should be noted that the flagship platform Photoshop was released in 1988. Adobe bought the rights to this product and began to actively improve and promote Photoshop. A few years later came the PDF format, now familiar to everyone. Thanks to this innovation it was possible to eliminate the problem of viewing documents on various OSes. Recognition in the industry for this expansion came only at the moment when the company made the program that supports it free of charge.

Another also well-known product from Adobe was created for the purpose of computer video processing. This program is related to the incident between Adobe and Apple that arose as a result of the cancellation of the development of a Mac version of the program. Another important event in history is the merger of the once fiercely rival corporations Macromedia and Adobe. The result was a company that conquered the entire multimedia market. As for Apple, the cooperation with this firm was restored when the software Photoshop was released for the iPad. At present, the company continues to improve its old software complexes and develop others.

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