Key to life changing encounters

We hear tales of grass to grace, and we wonder if there is any truth to it. Some of these tales sound so good that we assume that its most likely fiction. How can you explain that someone who had next to nothing simply obeyed God’s command and within an unbelievable period got transformed into someone of note?

People have given the little that they have and gained so much in return. A man once presented a pair of shoes as an offering and came back the following year in a car. Sometimes, we hold too tightly to the things that we need to let go of to experience God’s mighty hands. These shoes were not even designers like tsubo shoes; they were some mass-produced unbranded shoes.

Miracles still happen today. Life-changing and unexplainable change of story even happens today. We only need to draw near unto God. We cannot experience his mighty hand until we have no other confidences beside him. When we yield ourselves to him, we position ourselves for an outpour of his blessings.

Lay hold on this word today and work out your faith with Him. It is never too late with God, and we are best positioned for success when we obey His every command. He is the same forever and will grant you that change of levels that you have been pursuing.

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