Key types of patent services that companies Need

Ensemble IP is one of the leading patent validity search, searching and patent analysis companies globally, offering its solutions to leading business conglomerates, patent law firms, litigators and corporations. The company is known for offering several innovative and useful services to companies which are required in the current environment. Validity search or invalidity searches are invaluable for organizations these days. The company ensures swift results along with white glove solutions, transparent approaches and methods for searching, clearly identified and relevant art and native language/manual library searches.

Powerful tools are used for searching patents along with unearthing previous art. Physical and digital libraries are scanned and analyzed along with full-text searches executed in 6 languages while tapping commercial software for searches as well. All major AI-backed systems for patent searches are also used to supplement material uncovered by experienced human analysts. Some search methods include manual library searching for obscure and unidentified (hitherto) product catalogs, journals, dissertations and so on. Native language, in-country searches across both non-traditional and traditional patent and non-patent is another method. Legwork and primary research for validation of release dates, publication dates and publicity material available, is also carried out in a personalized manner.

The company helps in preparing IPR (Inter Partes Review) submissions along with evaluation of a portfolio’s strength and also helps with defending claims related to infringement. It is naturally the trusted firm for leading patent litigators and attorneys. Customers know that Ensemble IP offers the expertise and background necessary for boosting vital patent validity search needs which is a crucial service at this juncture. The company’s leadership team has more than 100 years of cumulative expertise in building a contemporary patent search practice. Having led the biggest private patent search company in the world between 1998 and 2014 and being one of the best search firms globally, they have pioneered usage of various searching tools, searching with full-text native language capabilities and manual library based searching. The company’s team of leaders has supported a major chunk of the most successful litigation firms working across IP Law and Business along with 2/3rds of patent law firms highlighted in the Intellectual Property Magazine. It has backed almost a whopping 1/3rd of companies that have been granted U.S. Patents and also the USPTO where they conducted PCT searching on its behalf.

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