Keyboard Drawer intelligent solution for ideal workplace

When we are working on computer or desktop, the neck wrist and fingers are mostly in use for maximum time. Without a proper arrangement in long term these long working can cause issues like carpal tunnel syndrome, pain in wrist, stiffening in joints, and other musculoskeletal issues. Definitely nobody would like to live with such ailments.

Draw your attention to keyboard drawer

To ensure avoidance of above referred work-related hazards, keyboard trays are recommended for the users. The keyboard holder gives a firm and strong platform needed while working on our computer or laptops. In addition, if you are working for long duration, it gives huge comfort as it causes less strain on related muscles and joints.

Ito have a right posture while working on laptop is ensured by use of a keyboard tray and thus it it very beneficial from an ergonomic point of view. A rightly angled and properly designed keyboard tray abstain user from issues like pain in neck or back, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other musculoskeletal diseases. The corporates do not want to loose on their performance targets and hence they are also encouraging use of such options to eliminate related causes.

Choose and select the best model

Different varieties of keyboard available on a range colors, materials, specification and price. You get metal or plastic made drawers with features like imported slide, in built pen or pencil holder, an optional ergonomic supported mouse tray and soft cushioned pad. The product range varies in keyboard tray size which the user can select based on the requirement.

On the online platform, one can find fixed models like boards with option to place mouse, can download specification to have a detailed view like features, specification, details w.r.t. configuration, sustainability etc. in addition, the user can also customize as per their own need with the required dimension, type of platform, palm support and length of track etc.

Today, you can find keyboard that are featured with extra-large space, light weighted and ergonomic beveled edge. Many models are incorporated with space provision to hold other accessories too. If you are thinking about installation, the keyboard trays are very easy to install at your workstation. Few drawers can be mounted over or under desk, it also gives freedom to adjust the height and tilting position of the tray for best comfort.

It is said that prevention is better than cure, and keeping in view the benefits of keyboard tray it is advisable to use it. The tray for keyboard allows us to make particular adjustments for the typing position, preventing and reliving pains and repetitive stress injuries. With the provision to adjusting height and angle of the keyboard drawer or tray the forearms and wrist are positioned correctly.

Author Bio: Ms. Kamal is leading consultant with over 25 years’ experience in the area office furniture industry. With a long stint in corporate, she mentions that her experience is put into her office support furniture’s. She mentions the benefits of using a Keyboard Drawer at office thorough her blog. In her free time, she loves to sing, reading books and writes blogs.

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