Kiosk Banking is A Major Revolution in the Indian Banking Industry Today

The country has just been witness to a major banking reform and this recent update from the RBI is unique. It is an effort from the country central bank to bring every Indian citizen into the banking fold. Unfortunately after so many years of independence this is a development, which is yet to materialize. There are vast rural areas of the country with a thin population density. Often it does not make business sense for a nationalized bank to open a branch at these places. As a result the rural savings often go in waste.  As a banking regulator the reserve bank or All Bank Mitra CSP just could not allow this to happen. Hence, they have a plan in place to reach out with formal banking services to every corner of this country and the plan also offers a great career prospect for the educated village youth.

As a village youth one can play the role of an All Bank Mitra CSP and this is a development, which should raise your inquisitiveness. The plan on offer from RBI is simple and crystal clear. It may not be cost effective for a major bank to open a branch at these locations, but they can always set up an agency. The agency point is referred to as customer service point and the person handling it is referred to as bank mitra. The whole concept is referred to as kiosk banking and this is a great career prospect for the educated but unemployed village youth.

One can always apply for a SBI Kiosk Banking Online and let me take you through the criterion of application. We have intentionally taken mention of SBI because it is the largest public sector bank and this brand name will help your business to make a swift start. There are few basic criterions to fulfill for the application and the first point, which we would like to stress upon, is that you must have basic computer knowledge. You will have to make the application online and hence some form of computer knowledge is utmost essential. The next criterion is that one must have some retail space at a location, which is at some significant distance from an official branch. The third most important criterion is that you must have a clean police record. You will need to place a NOC from the local police station.

These are the basic criterions for anyone eager to operate as a bank mitra at the village. Your customer service point can operate as a mini bank because the volume of transactions should be of a smaller amount. However, these points can operate like a normal bank and you can offer full banking services. The villagers can deposit money at SBI kiosk banking online and even make withdrawals as necessary. They can even update the passbook and make applications for cheque books. It is alongside you can sell insurance policies for Life Insurance Corporation of India. There are lucrative payouts for operating as a bank mitra and this should make you interested. You can build a career and at the same time participate in the rural growth story.

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