Kirti Lounge: The five-star Executive Lounge at Ahmedabad Junction

Indian Railways has undergone a vast technological change. Gone are those days when railways were the acronym for dirty toilets, ugly and uncomfortable waiting halls and retiring rooms with a tiring train journey. IRCTC (Indian Railways Catering Tourism and Tourism Cooperation) have gone a long way to modernize the railway journey experiences. From the categorization of stations according to their cleanliness and beautification, installment of CCTV camera to the availability of fresh food in train via e-catering are some of the best ever steps of Indian railways to entirely revolutionize the railway journey. With the introduction of Kirti executing lounge at Ahmedabad railway station, Indian Railways department have put another milestone in the modernization phase of stations and overall development of Railways.


Kirti Lounge is a five-star executive waiting lounge established at Ahmadabad Railway station. Now, Passengers can enjoy a star treatment at this waiting lounge while waiting for their train. The waiting lounge is equipped with modern washroom and clean stylish furniture. Nevertheless, the railway station of Ahmadabad has become the first Indian railway station to have an executive waiting hall in the western Indian region. The lounge started on 27th May 2019 to give a world-class experience to the passengers in the station premises.

How is it going to help out the passengers?
The lounge facilitates passengers with all the modern amenities and comforts. The list of amenities and facilities goes a bit long. In simple terms, this AC lounge is going to be the problem solver at the station of Ahmedabad. This place has emerged as the boon for those people who travel across the cities for their business purposes and are in search of a relaxed place for some hours to get fresh and board the train to reach their destination. Previously, those people who used to travel for their business purposes had to book hotels and pay higher charges to spend a few hours of their stay. This Kirti Lounge has given a cheaper though highly modernized and comfortable place to relax in the supreme luxury. This place is also very much comfortable for single women traveling alone or with children, as this lounge provides a calm and beautiful place for them to stay and wait for their next train. The restaurant, the in-house kitchen is another gift of IRCTC for passengers to have a healthy and comfortable stay at the Kirti Lounge.

Amenities provided in the Kirti Lounge
There are many facilities have been provided in the Kirti executive waiting lounge for the ease and comfort of the passengers. The amenities include Air-conditioned waiting area, business center, Computer and cyber café etc.

  1. A clean and comfortable place for waiting halls
  2. Comfortable couches and furniture
  3. HD Television
  4. High-speed Wi-Fi connection
  5. Refreshing beverages
  6. Newspaper and Magazines
  7. Shoe shiner
  8. Luggage rack
  9. Bathroom and Toiletries kit (Charged Extra)
  10. Computer facilities (charged Extra)
  11. Toilets and urinals
  12. Kitchen and dining area (meal Charges additional)
  13. Train Information and time
  14. Business center(Charged extra )
  15. Recliner room (Charged extra)
  16. Clock room (Charged Extra)
  17. Printing facilities (Charged Extra)
  18. Car/Cab hiring from reception

These are the facilities provided in the Kirti Lounge for facilitating the passengers. Some of the extra facilities apart from just waiting area usage are charged for its usage.

Prices for using the Kirti Lounge Service
To enter in the Kirti lounge one need to buy tickets. Means, passengers will have to pay for using the space of Kirti lounge. Here is the list of prices of the amenities provided that can be availed from the station after paying the prices attached to it.

  1. For entering in the Kirti lounge:The passengers will have to pay INR 150 for using the executive waiting lounge at the station of Ahmadabad. INR 150/person will be charged for a couple of hours (2 hours). INR 50/hour will be included after 2 hours of stay in the lounge.
  2. Bathroom Facilities: If you want to change or get fresh for the next journey, then you will have to pay INR 150 for bathroom usage. You will be given a bath kit and other necessities for a refreshing bath.
  3. Recliner room: If you want to have a recliner room then you will have to pay INR 150 for 2 hours. You can use it according to your preferred timing.
  4. Clock Room: Clock room will be charged INR 50/person for a couple of hours.
  5. Computer usage and printing facilities: You will have the computer installed in the business center. If you wish to use computers in the business center then you will be charged INR 50 for 10 to 30 minutes and INR 70 for 30 minutes to one hour of computer usage. On the other hand, you will have to pay INR 10/ page for printing and INR 5/ page for Xerox facility at the lounge. For scanning any document, you have to pay INR 10/page.

One can also hire cabs/cars from the reception center of the Kirti lounge for a fixed price basis. There are also concessions attached in the prices for children.

  • Children aged of 6 to 12 years –INR75
  • Children aged more than 12 years – full price i.e. INR 150
  • Infant and children aged below 6 – Free

So whenever you get the chance of getting at the station of Ahmadabad, then don’t forget to get inside this world-class Indian railway executive lounge to experience a new phase of Indian Railways development. The pleasant view from the window of the train and companionship of diverse co-passengers make the journey memorable and beautiful. So next time, if you have to board a train via Ahmedabad station, then you don’t have to juggle by regularly checking the train running status at station premises. You are welcomed to a world of a luxurious stay at Ahmedabad railway station.

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