A kiss is a touch or caress with lips as a sign of love, sexual desire or greeting. A kiss can express feeling of love, passion, romance, sexual attraction, sexual arousal, affection, friendship, peace wishing good luck. History of kiss is very old it was spread by the Romans to most of the Europe and North Africa. Kissing was also the form of expressing respect and rank in the medial period. Romans were the most passionate about kiss and talked about several types of kisses.



Here is the list of some different types of kisses and what they mean.

  1. HAND KISS: To express care and respect or to end the fun of being close kiss is pecked on the back of the palm. Hand kiss is a sweet and sensitive gesture.
  2. SIP KISS: Gulp some sip of your favorite drink and let it go on your lips and then make your partner to kiss your lips.
  3. LIZARD KISS: Try to touch others tip of the tongue and enjoy the sensation and fun with your partner.
  4. FRENCH ROLL KISS: Its alike French kiss just give a gentle roll to your tongue in your partner’s mouth sweeping in and out.
  5. THE JAWLINE KISS: It is a very sensuous Type Of Kiss, a kiss is placed right on the outer skin of jaw and if it goes well it ends on earlobes.
  6. THE AIR KISS: It’s a sophisticated type of kiss where a iskiss placed against cheeks in air and a sound is made withlips. Its done to relatives and friends.
  7. THEFRENCH KISS: The most famous kiss of all times is easy to go ahead with but needs years of mastery it must not be very aggressive or meek but a deep sensuous kiss, using tongue explore the body and place a gentle French kiss on the area filled with nerve endings that engage all five senses.
  8. THE LIP GLOSS LIP: It’s a flirty and funny kiss, place healthy fruity gloss on your lips and press them on your partners lips and enjoy the sweet taste of fruits together
  9. THEVAMPIRE KISS: it’s a kiss where one has to ask for this type of kiss as it places bite on the neck of partner which can be painful and sexy depending on the need of the situation.

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