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India being an agriculture focused country, with agriculture employing two-thirds of the population. Coimbatore is one of the most sorted places in south India for its climate and industrialization. The backbone of the country is none other than the youngsters who are more keen on getting admitted in any one of the best engineering colleges in Coimbatore.  Present scenario shows that the agriculture needs the involvement of the new generation they have the ability to comprehend new agricultural innovation and techniques. Having such a situation , it is a big challenge to them to look out for the best agricultural engineering colleges in Coimbatore.  15.35% of national GDP is contributed by the field of agriculture and it covers 68% of total population. Literacy rate in rural areas hiking more than 71% is a ray of hope for the transformations in all the areas around villages including Agriculture.

Among the agricultural engineering colleges in CoimbatoreKIT college stands out to be the best. It has an interdisciplinary centre for research, teaching, and consulting in the science and technology of food grain production. The department of the Top colleges in coimbatore aspires to become a more efficient and active department capable of producing excellent graduates with training, research, and community service capabilities who are entrepreneurial and self-sufficient after graduation.

The most striking feature for KIT being one among the Top ranking engineering colleges in coimbatore is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lab for advanced research in the field of Agriculture with its utmost concentration on Precision agriculture.  Precision agriculture (PA) applications employing unmanned aerial vehicles with multimodal sensors confront adaption issues in terms of dependability, accuracy, and timeliness.UAV/drones, unlike ground platforms, must address factors such as payload, flight time, stabilisation, autonomous missions, and external disturbances. For instance, collecting high quality photos to create multidimensional maps in oil palm plantations (OPP) needs lower altitude mission flights with more stability.

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