Kitchen Aids – To Strengthen The Elderly or Disabled

Eating is a necessity, and cooking, an art. However, not everyone enjoys that. This blend of work and creativity can cause discomfort for a few, mostly the elderly and disabled.

It could be difficult for them to hold a coffee cup or open a jar lid, let alone cook. They may find it dangerous to be alone in the kitchen. In such a scenario, emotional support is essential. Fortunately, several products are available in the market to give them a sigh of relief.

For instance, they can use a non spill cup. Also, there are bibs for adults. Chopping boards can simplify their chopping and slicing tasks. Good grip weighted utensils, bottle openers, and many products are available for every kind of kitchen activity.

Let us see a few options that you can consider for you or your loved ones depending on their specific issues.

Tin and Bottle Openers

Generally, people with arthritis have weak grip strength, so it might be difficult to grip and open jar lids, bottle knobs, tins, etc. But they can accomplish their tasks by using tin and bottle openers, without stressing on hands, wrists, and joints. The design of openers is such that they can provide grip and help users accomplish tasks. For example, the Can Pull and Ring Pull Can Opener. They are the best option to open the tins.

There are also electric openers that require no effort except pressing a button.

For opening jars and other sealed lids, you can also go for anti-slip jar openers, conical jar openers, etc. These equipment grip lids tightly and use leverage to open them. They increase the friction required to perform the task, thereby making it easier for you to open hard-to-grip seals, bottle tops, ring pulls, and jars.

Perching Stools

If you have difficulty standing for long, you can use perching stools. They provide balance and help take a break in cooking. They are long and offer a tilted seat to sit in at a high position.

You can also use them in the bathroom and shower. They provide support while leaving hands to carry out their work.

Perching stools are like conventional bar stools, but not exactly. The barstools require a person to climb up to use, which can be difficult unless they are tall enough. Perching stools, on the contrary, are height-adjustable. You can adjust its height according to the kitchen worktops.

They are also best for washing up dishes at the sink.

Non-Slip Mats

Along with cooking, walking on the floor with spilt milk/oil/water is horrendous. It can cause severe accidents if you don’t have anti-slip mats.

Anti-slip mats are a particular type of rubber matting that provides grip and prevents a person from slipping, tripping, and falling. They come in various shapes and sizes with different materials and purposes.

Gel mats, for example, soften hard floors and protect achy joints. They make standing a lot easier. Then there are high friction hard rubber mats that prevent items from sliding. Their primary purpose is to stop hard bowls, boards from slipping.

Depending on your needs, you can always find a suitable non-slip mat.

Kettle Tippers

While talking about strength and balance, the one must-have product is a kettle tipper & teapot. It helps pour water and tea safely from the kettle. Of course, it’s a necessity if you’re living alone and you don’t like asking for help, even if it’s a glass of water.

Here’s how it works. A kettle is mounted on a frame, and there’s a hinged bracket that enables it to tip forward and pours out. It means you can angle it and pour without actually lifting the weight.

There are many popular options available. For example, one made of moulded plastic. Another with a rotating cradle that makes handling boiling water effortless.

The best part about this product is that you don’t have to deal with lid or spouts. With a gentle touch and a tilt, you can pour out the content.

Other Items

If you need help with food preparation, you can bring in chopping boards, extra-large knives with grips. For those with dining table difficulties, there are specially curated plates & bowls, adapted cutlery. Other kitchen aids such as kitchen trolleys, utensil holders, and even bibs for adults might prove useful.

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