Kitchen Design in Vancouver: Things You Must Consider

Whether you are building a kitchen in your new house or want to renovate an already existing one, you first need a comprehensive design for the whole area. When it comes to kitchen design in Vancouver for your home, you have to balance functionality and aesthetics. Consider the following tips to have an outstanding result.

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Kitchen Layout

The initial step involves designing the kitchen layout. Here, you have to decide where to place the main parts, furniture, and appliances. The layout should be well structured and streamlined.

Kitchen Appliances

Make sure you choose the kitchen appliances while designing the layout. It will make you decide where you must keep them according to their sizes. Sufficient plug points must be placed for all these appliances. At this step, make a final decision on where you will position the cooktop-cum-chimney unit.


Another crucial factor associated with kitchen design in Vancouver is storage. Because you have to store several food items and kitchenware, you have to create enough space in your kitchen. Storage optimisation is directly related to reducing kitchen clutter.


Next comes selecting materials. Experts always advise that you go for boiling water-resistant (BWR) plywood rather than HDF, plastic board, or MDF, which are less durable. Also, avoid materials that get damaged by moisture easily.

Colour Combination

For your kitchen, the best option will be to choose a single colour or a two-tone colour scheme involving contrasting colours. For the cabinets, a matte finish is advisable.


You must not neglect the area of kitchen lighting because it plays a key role in creating the perfect ambience in the kitchen. When you have the right set of lighting, the mood of your kitchen will be high. In addition, it will also allow you to cook safely. Options include adding pendants for lighting enhancement and ambient lighting.


A kitchen design in Richmond will not be complete without effective and safe floor planning. The best thing will be choosing light materials because they can make the kitchen space light and airy. Not only that, but you can also look out for spills more easily.

Modular Kitchen Accessories

There is a broad range of modular kitchen accessories to choose from. These include pull-out baskets, bottle pull-outs, cutlery organisers, tall units, under-sink accessories and corner units.


Ventilation is another crucial consideration when it comes to designing a kitchen. Remember that you have to spend several hours a day in the kitchen, so having the right air circulation system is necessary. A well-ventilated kitchen makes you feel comfortable while cooking and keeps the smell in check.

Final Thoughts

If you need professional kitchen design in Richmond, you may consider hiring a service provider who has worked in the area for several years. Professionals in these companies are highly experienced and qualified, thus ensuring top results.

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