Know about Cricket Freaks in India

Cricket in India is a very passionate sport. A second highest populated country in the World with a population of around 1,361,895,528 as of January 2019 is India which has the highest number of cricket fans all over the globe.

Since ages, Cricket in India is improving from the time it has been established and has reached heights now. India has phenomenal players like Sunil Gavaskar, Kapil Dev, Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Virat Kohli and many. The people of India has adopted cricket as if it was their own game.

Cricket lovers in India keep everything aside when any interesting cricket match is played. For these cricket lovers, keeping the track of scores is an essential and important task along with their daily activities and schedule.

For the youngsters of the country, cricket has become a passion and they never miss a single cricket match. Even if stuck somewhere, cricket freaks get glued to the live cricket score to keep the track of everything that is happening on the ground.

Cricket Freaks also plays online cricket games that help them to generate some money from their passion in a legal way. Online Cricket games or popularly known as fantasy cricket is very popular in India. It helps to earn cash daily by utilizing match prediction skills and knowledge about the game.

Fantasy Cricket involves selecting a virtual team of real cricket players who will play the upcoming cricket match. The team has to be made of 11 players from both the sides and the actual performance of the selected players in the real match earns points to the fantasy cricket player. Later these points are converted to cash.

Cricket lovers of India also have a huge interest in the biggest Twenty20 League in the world that is the Indian Premier League. The T20 tournament is loved, enjoyed and followed by Indian cricket fans due to multiple reasons. Many websites offer IPL T20 match prediction which makes the IPL more interesting.

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