Know about the different types of light bulbs and projectors for swimming pools

The Pool light system for swimming pools gives a touch of aesthetics that goes very well for when you want to use the pool at night. Or in case you have an indoor pool and you don’t have good lighting. Or also for security reasons, to prevent anyone from falling into it at night.

To be able to light your pool, you have to buy pool light bulbs that allow light to the surface of the water and the edges of the pool.

There are different types of light bulbs and projectors for swimming pools:

Halogen spotlights: Halogen spotlights are the most traditional lights, there are all kinds and their main disadvantage is that they consume more electricity than LEDs.

LED spotlights: they are low consumption and can be installed in in-ground or removable pools without major difficulty. There are single-color and multi-color LED spotlights.

Floating LED Lamps: They are portable and battery-operated, they float on water. It is the most comfortable option if you do not want to do an installation.

Where are the pool lights located?

Pool Spa lights bulbs can be embedded in the pool wall, or overlapped with screws, depending on the type of bulb.

Floating lamps, meanwhile, do not need any type of installation. Then there are also the bulbs that are connected to the return valve.

Why light up your pool?

For safety, for the lack of visibility at night, and above all, for aesthetics. Pools lit with colored lights, or even white light, are simply spectacular. Here are some examples of lighting in swimming pools:

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Where to place the lights inside a pool?

Playing with the location of the spotlights like Pentair Intellibrite colour led pool light we can achieve different lighting effects, which will provide us with aesthetic or functional improvements depending on the use we want to give to our pool. Of course, there is no single, correct way to locate the spotlights. The experience and creativity of the illuminator will have the last word depending on the effect that is sought.

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