Know About The Healing Properties of Turquoise Stone

Turquoise is one of the first gemstones that was ever mined. It was used widely by people from different countries and continents. Its name comes from the word ‘Turkish’ as it was believed to have come from Turkey.


The stone, more than anything, is renowned for its amazing healing properties. Here’s all you need to know.

Physical healing properties:

The Turquoise gemstone can affect the physical well-being of a person to a great extent. It can be beneficial in healing allergies and lung disorders. Turquoise pendants avoid bronchial attacks such as tracheitis and other heart diseases.

The gemstone boosts your immune system as well as reduces depression and exhaustion. It has detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties. It is of great benefit to your eyes, brain, ears, throat, and neck, especially in cases of headaches, cataracts, and migraines.

Emotional healing properties:

Turquoise is regarded as a strong emotional healer which provides solace and balances your overall mood. It helps you feel more at peace and keeps you calm. It enables you to balance your emotions which helps you restore focus.

Turquoise encourages self-recognition and removes negativity from your life. The gemstone deals with your mood swings and empowers you at times when you feel low. It also keeps a check on your narcissism, thereby giving you the mental stability you need.

Spiritual healing properties:

According to traditional thought, Turquoise is said to unify the earth and the sky, which represents the male and female energies. The gemstone works wonders in a romantic relationship. It builds trust and changes colour to warn of imminent infidelity both in thought or action.

Turquoise brings about wisdom and kindness. It helps in intensifying trust, understanding, and compassion. It cleanses your heart and makes it pure. The gemstone helps you boost your relationships to another level.

Meditation properties:

Turquoise strengthens your intuition and meditation. It boosts the meridians present in your body, which helps in the disclosure of your spiritual and emotional worlds. It allows you to express yourself better. It stimulates your chakra centres and keeps them energized. It helps you articulate your mind and helps it to release old woes and inhibitions.

Turquoise is known to help you find truth and wholeness in your life. Being “earth grounding,” it helps you retain your conscious during profound meditations. Improved meditation helps in escalating your peace of mind further.

Turquoise Stone Price

Turquoise is a popular semi-precious stone known for its immense benefits. Turquoise stone price can be anywhere between Rs 200-1000 per carat while the best quality Turquoise could range anywhere from Rs 500-3000 per carat. The price depends on numerous factors such as availability, benefits, cut, and clarity.

Before you buy a Turquoise, make sure certified by authentic test labs such as GIA or IGI. Always keep in mind that the gemstone changes its colour or cracks itself to warn the wearer of imminent danger.

With all this information, you can be certain you will buy turquoise with the confidence that it will bring a positive change in your life.

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