Know About the Online Coding Courses for Kids in Grade 7 – 12

There are online courses available that are specially designed for kids from Grade 7 – 12. The online courses teach the kids the basics of coding and logical programming. The courses teach the kids using simple examples. The kids can easily take the online classes from their home at their convenience.

If you want to teach your kids to code then you should consider learning online. There are online courses available that are customized as per age. There are online courses available for kids from Grade 7 – 12. The courseware is made easy so that the kids can understand easily.

The online courses follow a project-based syllabus and teach the kids about real-world applications. The courses include learning through examples in games, apps and maths problem-solving. The online coding courses for kids teach them the basics of coding using programming languages. The programming languages JavaScript and Python are used to teach the kids to code.

Details of the online coding courses for kids

There are three types of courses namely the Beginners course, the Advanced course and the Mastery course. The Beginner course is for 3 months, the Advanced courses for 6 months and the Mastery course for 12 months.

Beginner course (Grade 7 – 12)

  • Coding basics with JavaScript
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing
  • Publishing Chatbots

Advanced course (Grade 7 – 12)

  • In-depth coding using algorithms and data structures
  • 3D maths and 3D Physics
  • Publishing 3D Virtual Reality games

Mastery course (Grade 7 – 12)

  • Publishing websites and e-commerce systems
  • Advanced algorithms with Python
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Machine Learning

Highlights of learning online

To learn online all that you need is a computer or laptop and an internet connection. The online courses are taught using next-generation virtual classrooms. The kids can decide the batch and the timings of their course. The kids can learn at their convenience from home.

The courses offer learning with the class or learning through the 1: 1 learning method. The kids can decide how they want to learn. The kids can also book a free trial class to know how the virtual classes are conducted.

The online courses are taught by expert teachers and the kids can easily talk with the teacher and the other kids in the class. The kids can also request the teacher to teach slow or fast. The kids can ask a question to the teacher by raising their hand or by using emojis.

The kids can share their code editors, A / V streamings and whiteboards online during the class.

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