Know about the Scratch coding for kids online courses

Scratch is the most widely used language to teach the kid to code. There are online courses specially designed for kids that teach them to code. Kids from Grade 1 – 4 are taught to code using Scratch. The courseware is made simple and the kids are taught through simple examples.

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language specially designed for kids. There are online courses customized as per age that teach coding to kids from Grade 1 – 4. The courses teach the kids coding concepts, maths and logic.

The online courses are taught by expert mentors using next-generation virtual classrooms. The kids are taught using examples in storytelling, maths, art, music, animation and games. This helps the kids to understand the concepts easily and learning becomes effective and fun.

The online courses follow a project-based syllabus and teach the kids through simple examples and projects. The Scratch coding for kids online courses teach the kids the basics of coding and kid-friendly coding.

What is taught in the online courses?
The kids are taught coding concepts using Scratch programming language. The kids are taught to design stories with dialogues, characters and animation, They are taught to write code using Scratch to make their stories alive. The kids learn through examples like creating a dialogue between two animation characters, draw and animate sprites and more.

The kids are taught to build games and write code to make them work. The kids are taught logic development and game concepts like collision detection and more. The kids learn animation and graphics.

At the end of the course, the kids will be able to design and animate stories and build their own games.

Benefits of enrolling in Scratch coding for kids online courses
There are many benefits of enrolling in online courses. They are as follows:

  • When the kids learn to code they learn to think in a logical manner and they learn to solve problems in an analytical way.
  • The kids learn to solve problems step by step in the online courses and this teaches them problem-solving skills.
  • When the kids build their own games and stories they use their creativity.
  • The kids become confident when they build something or solve a problem.
  • The courses are taught by expert mentors and the kids get trained by experts.
  • The kids can choose to learn with the class or through the 1: 1 learning method offered.
  • The kids can easily take the class from their home at their choice of timings. The kids get to learn about new technologies.

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