Know About the Top Food and Beverage Packaging Trends 2020

The food industry is not just about delicious foods. Many more significant elements comprise the entire food industry. One of the most important parts of this industry is food packaging. An efficient and smart packaging makes the food more appealing, increases the shelf life of the food, and facilitates transportation over long distances. Hence, if you are a member of the food industry, you should be aware of the latest food packaging trends.

Latest Food Packaging Trends in the Year 2020

Technology-Enabled Solutions

Technology-driven food packaging offers convenience, adequate information, and security to consumers. Such packaging solutions offer printed QR codes or NFC chips or smart labels. Consumers can scan these QR codes with their smartphones to get all the details about the food product.

Vintage Designs

In order to add nostalgic value, many companies prefer using vintage design packaging solutions to market their food items. Such designs help consumers cherish the good old times. The older contemporaries, as well as the younger peers, prefer such packaging.


This is one of the most popular packaging trends of this year. More than 50% of the millennials, as well as generation Z, prefer personalized food packaging. For Instance, multiple beverages and confectionary brands witnessed a massive boost in their sales after they launched personalized packaging in selected items.

Transparent and Clear Labeling

Consumers are now more aware and cognizant of what they are consuming. So, a transparent and clearly labeled food container is a big “YES” for them. Some major health supplements and meal provider brands offer their product in transparent and clearly labeled food packaging solutions.

Gradient Coloring

About 70% of consumers prefer a food product that comes with appealing, colorful packages. Hence, food packaging solutions are turning towards gradient-based designs. The solid or subdued hues make the item all the more lucrative in the eyes of the consumers.

Emotional Engagement

Consumers tend to buy those products that offer a bit more than just the product. Emotional content goes quite well with consumers, and hence, a lot of packaging solutions are utilizing this emotional angle to attract more consumers.

Enhanced Portability

To catch up with the “on-the-go” lifestyle of today’s generation, food packaging solutions are trying to be more portable. Consumers now prefer packaging that are easy to grab, hold, carry, and eat.

So, these are a few food packaging trends of 2020.

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