Know about variety of soccer betting markets:

There are a variety of markets with regards to soccer betting. Therefore, we at present you markets that stand out as the most popular:

  1. Final Result:

The bet on the final result of the match is the most common bet and the simplest. With this model you can take advantage of the following bets: bet on 1X2, Asian handicap and double chance.

1X2 bets are more interesting, while Asian handicap bets help level the playing field when one of the teams is obviously a favourite to win.

Double chance allows you to bet on two options, i.e. two outcomes – for example ‘home team win / draw’. The odds offered on this bet are generally low.

But the risk is also low. In the same way, there is an additional model that allows you to bet on the exact result. You must predict the exact result of the match at the end of 90 minutes. This is a risky type of bet, but very lucrative, which is why it is popular with recreational bettors.

  1. First Half and Final Result:

This model allows you to bet on individual results of the two halves. It’s a vast market with a total of 9 possible selections to choose from.

For example, you can bet on the home team that wins in the first half, but that the match ends in a draw. Your bet is divided equally between the two halves of the match and if both results are performed as you have predicted, then you will win the entire bet. If one is correct, then you win that one and lose the other.

  1. Over / Under:

This bet is about betting on whether or not there will be more than 2.5 goals in a match. When it comes to goals, this is the most popular and most exciting type of bet.

  1. Goalscorer:

The bettor must choose a player for whom he thinks he will score the first goal of the match / at any time. The scorer’s bet provides generally high odds, as the collection of players from which one must choose is quite large. It is also possible to bet on the scorer of the second or third goal of the match.

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