Know all about the sales tax with Texas sales tax attorney

Tax is the chief revenue of the government globally. In Texas, the sales tax generates from retail, lease, and rental of tangible personal property and certain specified services. Food items like beverages and candy also come under the sales tax.


Every year, Texas people pay 6.25% Nexus to the state for their product or services in the market. They don’t pay income tax. That is why sales tax is crucial for Federal income tax. The maximum combined tax rate for local taxes may not exceed 2% at any location. Therefore, the maximum possible sales tax rate is 8.25%. Mostly, the taxpayer will be subject to state and local tax by various states, cities, and other local tax authorities. While many taxpayers plan for federal tax, they fail to plan for their state and local taxes. The state and local tax laws often grant broad power to the government to assess and collect taxes.


The world of taxation is very vast. A small error creates a huge mess. The problem arises when a record is not maintained properly and leads to an audit. The law and rules that apply to state tax collection matters are strict. To avoid tax issues, hire a Texas sales tax attorney of Kreig LLC law firm to get a sigh of relief. Our lawyers are aware of all the legal technicalities. Our attorneys are experienced and have keen knowledge to attain favorable settlements in all aspects. They can handle all kinds of transactions with the sales tax authority and give you mental relief from all the hassle.


All the audits regarding sales tax can be audited by The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts which is different from the IRS audit. They compare the revenue through bank records and accounts and compare it with controller payment records. We are aware of the lawsuits and know a better way to deal.


To avoid liability, you must ensure that the amount withheld is sufficient to fully satisfy the taxes that are due and the purchase price paid must be reasonably equivalent to the value of the business or the assets of the buyers. Worry not! We help you with state and local tax planning and resolve all kinds of disputes, audits, appeals, and litigation.


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