Know All The Important features of Saree

This is the so-called internationally recognized Indian garment which everyone knows about. The saree itself is a very long and wide drape of a beautiful fabric, often handmade, richly decorated and embroidered, depending on the respective area. Dupion silk saree is wrapped around the body, to make it a proper dress. Dhakai saree can be as long as 5-7 meters. If you are ready to buy designer saree it’s best to learn a little bit about them beforehand. We hope this small guide will be useful help for everyone.

About choli

Choli of crepe silk sarees is a mix between a tight blouse and the tight shirt. It can vary in length although it’s often styled to leave the mid-section (the stomach area) all bare. There are cholis as short as they barely cover the breast area therefore pay attention when buying a choli that fits to your cotton saree to make sure its length is appropriate for you.

The most popular fabrics used:

  • 100% silk
  • Chiffon
  • 100% Cotton
  • Silk blend
  • Net
  • Satin
  • Velvet
  • Cotton blend

Note that velvet and cotton or cotton blend is highly suggested to be worn in colder seasons or areas as these are warm materials and may not feel cozy when worn in the hot season.

What is the key difference between a designer saree and a saree?

Saree can be worn for any occasions. What distinguishes designer chiffon saree from the “ordinary” saree is in the quality of materials and decoration alongside the tailoring. Designer chanderi saree are all handmade, made out of exclusively selected and cut fabrics, which are then richly decorated according to a region’s trend. Designer bomkai saree are made exclusively for weddings or for other special occasions.

Sarees’ decoration according to region

The most popular decoration in designer benarasi saree include the Chikankari, the Zardosi and the Kantha other notable styles are the Kashmiri, Mukesh, Gota and Banjara. These mainly are styles in terms of embroidery also including specific shapes, forms which are used in a specific region. Other bandhej saree styles of decoration include the Shisha or including miniature mirrors in the embroidery.

The three most popular embroidery used in designer sarees

Chikan – Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh – one of the most elegant styles of embroidery exclusively designed to apply on silk. The motives often include flowers, animals, you can even try baluchari saree. The style of stiches can be flat, raised or embossed.

Gota – Jaipur(Rajasthan) – including appliqué embedded in gold thread, including small zari ribbons which are used to create beautiful patterns.

Zardozi (kalabattu) one of the most elaborate and most beautiful style of embroidery is often used on designer sarees. It has Muslim Moghul/Persian origins. The word itself has the meaning of gold embroidery in Persian. If you would like to buy art silk sareeor assam silk saree, make sure you choose the best suitable material, a fitting choli and also make sure you have someone who helps you in dressing you up properly in your brand-new designer saree.

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