Know Here All Available Types of TV Wall Mount Brackets in UK

Purchasing a new TV is a tough decision nowadays. There are so many different varieties of TV like HD, 4K and 3D available in the market that it is very difficult to fix on one. However, the challenge does not end in fixing the television set only as the TV Wall Mount Brackets are there to decide. 

If you think that, what is so difficult in selecting the mount bracket as there will be hardly any variety, then we must say that you live in a decade old time. The bracket which fixes the TV for watching is a tale of the old school. There are so many different types hdmi cable available at the market that will baffle you for sure. 

Let’s take a look at different types of wall mount brackets for TV, that will enhance your viewing experience.

  • Panning Wall Mount: This new age wall mount gives you freedom to watching the TV from a fixed position. No matter you are in your drawing room or in open kitchen, you can pan the bracket to adjust the TV according to your eye level. With the panning wall mount, you can angle the TV from one side to another to change the orientation from right to left or vice versa. With this rotation, the viewing radius of the TV will be double or triple than the normal fixed position. 
  • Tilting Wall Mount: Do you like to watch movie while lying on bed? Then this is the best option for you. The tilting mounts help to angle the TV upward and downward. If you sit below the level of the TV, then you can tilt it down for comfortable watch. Most of the people, use this bracket for their bedrooms. Apart from that, this bracket is hugely popular in restaurant, airport or any public places where the TV is mounted above the head of the viewers. 
  • Swiveling Wall Mount: This TV mount is quite similar to panning as the words are almost synonymous. In this facility, you can move the TV from side to side without making any left or right angular change. The back of the TV will be parallel to the wall but you can shift the screen left to right or vice versa. 
  • Articulating Wall Mount: If you want to enjoy all the above written facility altogether, then articulating wall mount for TV is the best option for you. This is a cat 8 cable  arm that helps you to do all the activities like pan, tilt and swivel. To have the widest view of the screen from any corner of the room, there is no alternative than this. For that reason, it is called the ‘Full Motion’ bracket. 
  • Rotating Wall Mount: This bracket is generally used at the editing studios where the editors may want have both the landscape and portrait view. You can easily spin them TV and change the view from wide to narrow as per your requirement. 

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