Know-How Mutual Fund Software for Distributors is completely safe for MFDs Business?

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The investments are forever viewed as a riskier utilization of capital and endure high risks of loss due to changes in the values of the funds. The distributors connected in the business of wealth management of investors carry huge risk as inadequate services to any client can take the company on the boundary of closure. With the evolution in the business methods, the distributors began conducting the business through a digital platform.

The Mutual Fund Software for Distributors developed by REDVision Technologies is an entirely secured platform for the distributors to handle the funds of the investors which cover various facilities.


  • Password-protected entrance to the portfolio.
  • No reach to unwanted individuals.
  • Administration of funds from any area with no issue.
  • Reliable documents of the investors at the platform.
  • No possibility of cyber theft.

The digital platform is completely secured to permit the distributors in running the business that ensures success of the firm. Outwardly adapting the platform it becomes hard to deal with the clients and handling various clients at a time.

Therefore the distributors want the wealth management platform to coordinate the activities of the company that serves them in persisting in the market.

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