Know How Price Calculated with a Diamond Calculator

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Before buying or selling your diamonds, you will have to know how to measure their worth. Sometimes, it may difficult to get the right value of diamond since several factors influence the price. That’s why you need a diamond price per carat calculator. It will help to estimate the value of your stones, even seeking jewelry appraisals.

The diamond price calculator offers the best way to estimate your diamond’s value based on carat, clarity, and Color. Besides, you can make a comparison when it comes to the prices of diamonds between the present and past. That gives insights into diamond price trends.  

Diamond price per carat

You may see a big range when it comes to diamond prices. Some will cost you even 10 times higher, yet they are diamonds of the same carat weight. The reason is that the four Cs greatly affect diamond prices. But as diamonds carat weight increases, the price also goes up. When the diamond’s 4C’s are better, the more expensive it is going to be. So, ensure to use a diamond price per carat calculator that captures the 4Cs and other details to bits of help get the worth of your diamond.

How to calculate the diamond price using diamond price per carat calculator

Whether you are doing jewelry appraisals for insurance, selling, or buying, you need to get it right in terms of value. Below are things to look at when seeking to get your diamond’s value using a diamond price calculator.


1. Diamond color

When it comes to finding your stones’ value using the diamond price per carat calculator, Color matters a lot. Diamond color is an aspect of how colorless diamond appears. Check whether the diamond has a D color, which is the real Color. Besides, D color is the highest grading. If the diamond has graded at Z, it indicates a low-quality diamond in Color and costs less. Apart from buying and selling, jewelry appraisals are vital before choosing an insurance policy.  

2. Diamond clarity 

You will never find a perfect diamond! So, the diamond price per carat calculator uses transparency to show inclusions within diamonds. Inclusions in diamonds are of different kinds. They range from fractures to black points. So, the grading using the diamond price calculator will show if inclusions are visibly big or small. Diamonds with big inclusions will cost lower prices than the one with invisible inclusions. 

3. Shape of the diamond.

Its shape also determines the value of the diamond. The diamond price per carat calculator will give you the price of your diamond based on its shape. Round diamonds will cost you more than princes cut, cushion cut, and even oval diamonds.

4. Quality of diamond cut

The diamond-cut indicates how well its cut is polished. That includes how excellent the stone is proportioned, the symmetry, and even depth. Diamonds cut quality affects the brilliance and beauty of a demand. Excellent quality cut diamonds are worth more than low cut quality diamonds.


The diamond price per carat calculator offers the best way to determine the value of your stone. Many factors determine the diamond price. So, it would help if you got a diamond calculator that captures as many factors as much. That way, you can accurately estimate the value of your diamond.

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