Know How To Get A Reliable Maid Service Dubai From A Reputable Agency

There are companies providing maid service Dubai at affordable rates. They give access to up-to-date and the widest database of experienced maids living in the UAE. You can browse the profiles of maids and connect with them individually. The price is as low as 330-350 AED.

  • You can search candidates and screen them. The companies list qualified maid profiles, which you can review after exploring. Each profile shows work and personal details, including multiple references.
  • You can also subscribe to the portals and interview eligible candidates. Register your name on the site and buy an access package to detailed information of the maids.

Screening your maid service Dubai

The portals add new candidates daily. You pay the fee for 30 days of access. To get the best maid service Dubai, interview the maid you select before hiring her.

  • The screening process must be thorough. Discuss everything about the employment with the maid. You can visit the site’s resources segment for tips about the visa process and hiring.
  • You can access the company’s database without buying an access package. Any visitor to the website can see the maids’ profiles. But to get their contact details, you need to purchase the package.

Common FAQs on maid service Dubai

If you don’t find a suitable candidate for your position, will you get a refund? The companies center their maid service Dubai on providing you with an extensive database of trusted maid listings. But they cannot guarantee that the one you choose will fit your specific expectations.

  • To ensure credibility and safety, the companies thoroughly check each maid’s profile before uploaded it on their website. They check and validate all the profiles.
  • Since all the maids in the listing reside in The Emirates, the company managers meet them individually and take their interview for making their profiles.
  • They invite the maids for one-on-one interviews at their office. The deft recruitment managers verify their employment papers and visa, check their personal information and skills.
  • Lastly, they check every single reference for each maid.

Some more maid service Dubai FAQs

After contacting a maid, if you find that her personal information is different from the website listing, you need to report the same immediately to the company. Notify them by dropping an email. They make sincere efforts to provide comprehensive, authentic, and reliable maids’ profiles.

Concisely, the firms take responsibility for the maids they list on their website. They take proper measures to ensure that they list qualified maids as per key positions on their database. However, your decision to hire a maid service Dubai rests solely on your discretion.

The main process

The companies provide 24/7 customer support for their maid service Dubai. You can contact them through online booking and mobile app.

  • You select your preferences, including the type of cleaning and the specific dates on which you’d like to schedule the cleaning.
  • You can pay online after selecting your preference. The payment portal or gateway is safe.

After the firm processes your payment, the maid arrives at your doorstep. They arrive on or before time.

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