Know How to Make Your Perfume Last a More Longer

Have you ever noticed that the aromatic perfume you are spraying only lasts for a couple of hours even after promising to stay all day long? We assume that you have. But do you know why this happens? There are two possible reasons for it. First, you don’t know the right way of applying a mesmerizing roll on perfume. Second, you are picking a perfume that is not for you. We know it’s a bit harsh but it is true. And as soon as you will accept it, you won’t have to get embarrassed by your perfume.

Now, let’s see how you can fix this. If you want the fragrance to last more than it usually does, you should follow these “how to apply perfume tips”. If you are ready, let’s get started.

★ Tip 1: You might have seen people spraying perfume in the air and walking through it. It looks so cool, right? Yeah, don’t do it. And it is better if you are using a roll-on or solid perfume because when you use them, you waste less and apply more.

★ Tip 2: We know you might have seen actresses storing perfume in their bathroom. But you should not do it. It’s simply because the light, heat, and humidity in the bathroom might break down the perfume. And then it won’t be that long-lasting.

★ Tip 3: You can also rub vaseline first and then apply the perfume. When you will do this, your skin won’t be dry and it can therefore hold the perfume for a much longer.

★ Tip 4: Once you have applied the perfume, don’t rub the wrists together.

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