Know How to Move to Spain After Brexit

One of the most frequent questions that people ask is how to get residency in Spain after brexit? If you are also wondering the same thing, keep reading this post because you are going to find all the answers. First of all, we will tell you a thing or two about brexit. It took place on 1st February 2020 and it refers to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union. So, if you are a British citizen and you want to move to Spain after brexit, the Spanish residency process has changed because the UK is not a part of European Union anymore.

But there is something that you need to know. No matter whether you are moving to Spain for studies or for work, you can still move and live in Spain without any problem. But this is only possible to do it easily until the end of the transition period in 31/12/2020. So, it’s highly recommended to get a Spanish residency in the given time so that you can calmly and legally live in Spain.

If you want to know more about Brexit and how it has changed the rules, you can find a good website and can get all the information on it. But remember that for this, you cannot just rely on any random platform as you may be aware that not all the information given on the Internet is true. Therefore, keep in mind that you should only access and trust a website that is well-known and has a good reputation. For this, you can conduct a quick Google search and can check the options.

But we know that the search results would be overwhelming. That’s why we have found the best platform which you can visit to know how to get Spanish residency after brexit. We are talking about Torrevieja Translation, a platform that has helped thousands of people move to Spain easily by enlightening them about all the rules and regulations. The platform was founded by David Ruiz, who is an experienced relocation advisor and is helping people since 2010.

Torrevieja Translation can help you with so many things like official translations, EU and non-EU Spanish residency, healthcare, and relocation in general. In short, no matter whether you are an EU citizen or a non-EU citizen, you can absolutely rely on Torrevieja Translation to get correct information.

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