Know How to Pick the Right Rabbit Cage

Can you name an animal that makes a great pet other than dogs and cats? Are you thinking? Still thinking? Okay, so the answer is rabbit. Because of its floppy-ears and cottontail cuteness, rabbits are the one of those animals that is adopted mostly by the millennials. If you already have a rabbit, you know how cute they are and they want nothing but love and of course, food.

Being a responsible pet parent, you need to remember that they have space requirements, different diets, and nature. So, whenever, you are buying anything for your pet, know your pet’s habits first. See, when you have a rabbit, there are a few things that you should buy. And in the list of requirements, an indoor rabbit cage is the first one. But this doesn’t mean that you should buy the kind of cage that you see first on the market.

Pets are just like one of the family members. And as you always consider the needs of your family before buying anything, similarly, you should also know a bunny’s habit when buying a cage. So, let’s get started.

Cage Size: Till now, you might have understood that rabbits need more space to freely move around. So, when you are buying a cage for your bunny, remember to pick one that is six times bigger than your pet.

Do not Buy Wired or Mesh Cage: When you are buying a cage, try to avoid picking a wired or mesh cage. Why? Because these kinds of cage can hurt your bunny, leaving him injured.

Cage Design: Other than the size of the cage, you should also consider its design. Try to purchase a cage that has a big door and looks good.

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