Know How to Protect Hot Tub from Chemical Damage

After a hot and tiring day, nothing can match the pleasure of soaking yourself in a hot tub full of bubbles. To set the mood, you can also add scented candles, a few drops of essential oil in the tub, lights, and, of course, a glass of wine. Ah! This whole setting feels no less than a heaven, right? It surely does.

However, there is something we want you to know. Slowly but surely the harsh products that you are using to clean the hot tub are taking a toll on it. And all these things are happening because you are missing out on a few facts. But this won’t happen anymore because we’ve got your back. To help you understand whether the best hot tub chemicals you are using are good or not, we are here. In this post, we have listed things you should do and avoid if you don’t want to damage your hot tub. So, keep reading.

· Don’t Use Cheap Chemicals: The reason you can find so many hot tub chemicals at different stores is because most of them are cheap. Yes, you have read that right. And these cheap hot tub chemicals are doing more harm than good.

· Don’t Use Pool Chemicals: The chemicals that are used to clean pools are different than the chemicals used for hot tubs. So, do not mix them.

· Don’t Use Biguanides: It is a chemical product that is commonly used in place of chlorine & bromine and it must be stopped.

· Do Drain and Clean the Hot Tub Regularly: Since a hot tub is different from the usual bathing tub and the water in it is stored for a longer time. Because of this, it’s important to drain the water every 3-4 months.

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