Know IRCTC Using The Latest Technology For Your Food Ordering

Delivery of food by IRCTC Beginning with WhatsApp, Zoop offers a food ordering service. You may buy food online and have it delivered right to your train seat by following these simple steps.

You can now use WhatsApp to place an IRCTC Food Order online for a train.

The IRCTC food delivery service launches a simple online food delivery service via the WhatsApp chatbot.

Online meal orders can be placed by IRCTC passengers, who will then have their food brought right to their seats.

Find out how to use the IRCTC Zoop WhatsApp chatbot to easily order meals to be delivered to your train seat.

In-transit food orders on Indian Railways can now be placed online using WhatsApp. Recently, Jio Haptik and Zoop, an IRCTC meal delivery service, teamed to enable consumers to place food orders through a chatbot on WhatsApp. By simply providing their PNR number when ordering, customers may place food orders from the comfort of their train seat in just a few easy steps.

Its Is Hassle Free Process:

Passengers may order food online with IRCTC without having to download any additional software or apps, which makes the process straightforward and hassle-free. Ordering at any upcoming station is possible with Zoop’s new WhatsApp service, which also includes features like real-time food tracking.

Any passenger who is having trouble placing a food order on train over WhatsApp can ask for help directly via the chatbot. Moreover they can get their food on the seat. All they have to do is follow a few simple steps and not only can they order food, they can check their train status as well. With this feature they can also track food online. Moreover they can get PNR status and many more details easily. So you just have to save the Whatsapp number +91 7042062070. After that you have to pin them hi on whatsapp. That’s it then you can easily come to know the rest procedure.

How To Use Whatsapp To Place Food Orders When Traveling By Train?

Note down the +91 7042062070 Zoop WhatsApp chatbot number in your phone’s contacts.

You can also visit [] if you like (without the brackets).

Start your WhatsApp and access the Zoop chatbot.

Please enter your 10-digit PNR number. Including your train’s seat number and berth, this will provide you all the information.

In addition to asking you to choose the forthcoming station from which you want to order food, Zoop will confirm your information.

Your options from the restaurants from which you can IRCTC Food Order will then be presented to you by the Zoop chatbot.

Additionally, the chatbot will provide passengers with all order-related information, including the method of payment.

The chatbot itself allows you to monitor your food after placing an order and paying for it.

Upon arrival at the chosen stop by the train, Zoop will deliver your food.

This is how you can get your food.

The New Qr Payment By Irctc Is Also Going To Add In Train

The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC), which started collecting QR code payments on trains, has made it unnecessary for rail travelers to bother about making cash payments any longer. Indian Railways has taken this action in an effort to stop vendors at stations from overcharging customers.

The cost of a ticket on a luxury train, such as the Shatabdi Express, Tejas Express, Rajdhani Express, or Duronto Express, includes this amenity. On trains without pantry cars, IRCTC vendors will provide food from their base kitchen; however, passengers on other trains with pantry cars will have to pay for their meals. Initially, only Sampoorna Kranti express trains will have access to this capability; subsequently, all trains will be included. As with this feature the passengers don’t have to pay extra charges for food on train that they want. This feature also has many benefits for the passengers who eat food while on the train.

Why is IRCTC going to have this QR payment?

Since rail travelers have been griping about food sellers charging exorbitant prices on board, this adjustment was long overdue. The menu and vendor ID cards from IRCTC Food Order will both have the IRCTC QR code. The UPI-compatible app’s payment feature allows users to pay by scanning the QR code. IRCTC last month inked an arrangement with the Govinda restaurant managed by the Iskcon temple to serve “Sattvic” meals to passengers aboard trains.

At the moment, this service is only at the Hazrat Nizamuddin station in Delhi, but it will soon be available at further stations as well. Saatvik cuisine offer on the menu in meals such as the deluxe thali, maharaja thali, vegetarian biryani, and others. Those who have a valid PNR and wish to place an order should do so at least two hours prior to their planned train departure.

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