Know More about Green Diarrhea and How It Can Be Eliminated

A green stool may be dreadful to see, but its causes differ greatly from dietary issues to discharged bile. A green stool is a sign of concern which should be considered on a serious note. The symptoms of green diarrhea are headaches, abdominal cramps, vomiting, nausea, etc. The shade of the poop can significantly vary from dark to light. Stool color is greatly impacted by a variety of factors which includes gastrointestinal disorders and diet medications. Green is the least color that can ever happen and one must consult the doctor without any further delay.

There are a number of issues that can lead to the cause of green diarrhea that are mentioned below:

  • The consumption of food
  • Infection of the Salmonella
  • Undigested bile pass out
  • Giardiases

One of the reasons for the cause of diarrhea is the bacterial infection of the intestine which happens due to the ingesting of contaminated foods. This kind of infection is more prevalent in kids rather than adults. Another reason could be the undigested bile pass out which is produced by the liver. Bile is the most essential aspect when it comes to the digestion of fats that is present in the foods we eat. Often, most people have observed green diarrhea when there is a removal of the gallbladder. Because of which, it removes the storage facility for the bile. Hence, the liquid is constantly dripping to the intestines and thus, remains undigested. In addition to that, consumption of all green diet, iron supplements, green food coloring, and laxatives, etc can make your stool completely green.

In order to avoid such pathetic causes of green diarrhea, the following measures should be undertaken for getting rid of diarrhea in an efficient way such as drinking enough water, avoid overeating certain foods and food colorings.

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