Know More About the EQ Settings on Your Android Phone

Everybody loves music and expects their device to sound better. There are a lot of tools or third-party apps that can help boost your device’s audio quality. However, one of the tools is the ‘Equalizer.’ Setting a volume range with the help of high, mid, and low sliders can be fun. Alongside this, it’ll make the audio quality much enjoyable.

These equalizers are present in the settings app of your Android phones. One important thing to note here is that not all devices support equalizers. Even if they do, every brand has a different equalizer, but they all work in the same manner.

Know More About the EQ Settings on Your Android Phone

You must know whether your Android phone supports equalizer or not. In smartphones like Galaxy S20, equalizer settings are present under the ‘Sound and Audio’ tab in the ‘Settings’ app. Some other phones, like Google’s Pixel line, do not have any settings for the equalizer. Instead, you have to install the ‘System Equalizer Shortcut’ app to open the same.

A lot of music applications also have EQ settings that are present inside of them. A lot of Bluetooth headphones come handy with an app that is likely to be installed on your device. You can locate the EQ settings inside these apps. All you need to do is search for the name of your Bluetooth device in Google’s ‘Play Store’ and download the appropriate app.

Once you reach the equalizer settings for your device, you’ll notice that it consists of many sliders to adjust. A lot of people are not aware of the power of these equalizers or how they can make your device sound better. When you move these sliders present in the EQ settings, the volume or the amplification changes. Pushing the sliders to the right gives it more bass and quality. However, the left side indicates the low frequencies. In case you want to keep the sound neutral. You can slide the settings and adjust them in the middle of the slider.

If you’ve specific third-party applications downloaded on your device for listening to music, check if it has its in-built equalizer settings or not. If it does, keep your phone’s EQ settings neutral, which means adjust all the sliders in the middle. Now you can change the settings for EQs present inside the applications. A few settings to the audio system can make a huge difference and make your device sound much better.

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