Know the benefits of an NRO Savings Account

With more Indian citizens migrating abroad for jobs or education, some prefer to close their Savings Account than switching them into one NRI Banking Accounts. The Non-Resident Indian must convert their regular account into a Non-Resident Ordinary Account (NRO). Via this transition, the NRI deposits their income in the NRO account from their Investments, Savings, Rent, etc. These get done in the Indian currency denomination.

Benefits of NRO Account

Variety of choices

This NRI Account extends many services to NRIs. As for depositing and withdrawing money, you should do so for any account. Regular transactions with not many operations means a person easily opens an NRO Savings Account. This is because you earn interest.

NRO Accounts also offer additional benefits where you must claim tax deduction up to Rs. 10,000 on the interest gained while filing tax returns. For Investment purposes, opt for NRO Fixed Deposit.


When it comes to the tax, there is no exemption. The total interest earned on the NRO online gets taxed. So, no part of the earning is tax-free, and any amount gets incorporated into your tax return. However, there is no worry as you can use the exemptions of about Rs. 2.5 lakh for computation purposes.

Tax deduction

NRO Account holders must ensure to carry out extra work to gain the benefits of numerous tax provisions. The interest earned from the account is usually high. There are conditions under which lower rates get applied. However, you need to verify with the bank on the same. It makes filing tax returns and getting refunds necessary for the individuals.

Steps to switch regular Savings Account to NRO account

Of all the NRI Bank Account, NRO is popular. For the transfer purpose, you need to carry out few steps:

Notify the bank where you have the regular account you have transferred abroad and wish to transfer it into an NRO account.

Fill the transfer form, including KYC details, new address proof, point of contact, etc. Get the form either from a bank or on the bank’s website.

Get filled forms attested. Submit them with documents like visa permits, passport copy, etc.

If the Savings Account is a Zero-Balance, you must change it to a Savings Account with a minimum balance requirement.

It is essential you provide documents and listed forms to the bank to hold the NRI Account. If the account holder is not in India, they must attest the forms and documents from the Indian Consulate and then submit them to the bank branch.

The bank then validates the documents. Then, the bank changes it to an NRO Savings Account, where the account number does not change.

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