Know the benefits of having wooden floors at home

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Wood floors and bamboo blinds are the best option for the environment and are a health guarantee for the owner.

When choosing a wooden floor we always think that we are cutting trees, and we think that it is not ecological. Well, it can be said that choosing wood for our floors is the most environmentally friendly option due to numerous factors:

1. Controlled forests: Currently forests and their exploitation are controlled. Today, not only the trees that are cut are planted, but a larger number is repopulated than the cut trees, so the demand for wood has a positive effect on the environment.

2. The environmental benefits of choosing parquet flooring are indisputable. A lot less energy is consumed in its manufacture and installation than with any other construction material.

3. The wood is completely recyclable. Wood pallets can be recycled, and wood can also be used to create energy.

4. Wood reduces the gases that produce the greenhouse effect. The carbonic anhydride sink effect of wood plays a very important role in reducing the greenhouse effect.

5. Wood improves the air quality inside the house. Our home is like a second skin. On many occasions, the houses are built in a massive way, looking for the rapid economic benefit and without considering variables such as the materials used in its construction.

  1. Durability: With proper maintenance, bamboo fencescan last generations, even if it is subjected to excessive wear it can be sanded and reconditioned until a surface that looks like the original looks.

    7. It is renewable: Because its rational use allows the forest to regenerate and increase in extent. Compared to other materials or minerals whose extraction from nature causes the destruction of an ecosystem and its depletion, the sustainable use of wood causes the growth of new specimens that occupy the space left by the previous ones.

    8. It is ecological: Because in its growth it creates forests, a refuge for wildlife and life, and because it fixes CO2, one of the main gases causing the greenhouse effect.

    9. It is not toxic: On the contrary, it is a natural product whose vision and touch convey pleasant sensations of warmth, safety, and quality.

    10. It is biodegradable: Woven Parquetdoes not cause contamination in its degradation, on the contrary, its decomposition helps create a better quality soil for new plants to grow.

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