Know The Best Dentist In Jeddah For Bone Implants

Bone implants in the jaw were first mentioned in the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century, after which it spread and witnessed a series of developments that enabled them to become one of the solutions that help patients to undergo dental implants who are unable to do so due to the problem of lack of jaw bone density.

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Bone implants are performed in the jaw by placing the bone graft in the space between the bone after the gum incision. This process contributes to stimulating the building of bone tissue within months, during which the surgeon waits until the bone heals well to continue implanting the teeth.


The cost of jaw bone implants varies according to several factors In KSA. But for sure you have to go to

the best dentist in Jeddah (افضل دكتور اسنان في جدة) for example, the source of the bone graft determines the value of the procedure, as there are auto grafts taken from the patient’s own tissues and they are the most expensive among the available options, their sources can be different, such as being artificial from donors, also shares the method of the procedure and its complexity In raising or lowering the cost of jaw bone implants, in addition to the skill of the surgeon and the difference in prices between one country and another.


The length of the recovery period after bone implantation in the jaw varies from person to person, and it depends on various factors that may prolong the recovery period needed to reach the completion of tissue construction in the jaw bone and complete the dental implant steps after that. 9 months, during this period, patients can complete their work and studies normally, and cases of bone implants in the jaw do not require taking a vacation for more than a day after the transplant procedure, as the pain and swelling often disappear permanently within two weeks at most.

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